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Being your own boss is always an exciting, endeavor, and a great idea.This article is based on SEO service business and we are going to discuss all relevant information about in this article.

No business can be successful without an online presence on social media sites. Companies, organizations, brands, or even every single person have been using social platforms to build their audience reach. The more your online approach is the more you grow.

Building business profiles, pages, and relevant content with an SEO strategy is the best approach to reaching the maximum audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the platforms used to grow the business online.

However, no company or person can give time to such social platforms regularly and the reasons lead them to approach the best SEO Service Agency. The SEO service company not only helps to generate a volume of the audience but also supports converting them into customers who later subscribe to your product and services.

In this article, you will know multiple contents related to SEO service business plans. The components are as follows: what SEO is, how it is applied, the various types, all benefits, key roles of SEO business, steps required to become a brand SEO agency, and many more.

Let us start by knowing what SEO stands for.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is the complete strategy to optimize your content on social media sites. This is used for increasing your online presence on Google and other search engines.

While applying SEO, we follow a set of designed rules including optimizing the focus keywords, primary keywords, secondary keywords, title of the page, meta description of the content, optimizing images and videos, using relevant internal & external links, and other algorithms.


It works in four layers, on-page SEO – which means the optimization applied directly to the content, Off-Page SEO – which means the optimization applied on the backend, and technical SEO – which is related to all the technicalities applied for the optimizing site & server, and finally the content itself – where all the trending keywords are applied.

The terms we just talk about are used to rank on the various search results such as Google and Bing.

Now, we will discuss the SEO service business plan.

What is SEO Service Business?

This is a kind of service that the SEO agency provides to those who want to optimize their online content, products, and services to grow their online reach and rank their content on search engines.

It is a business that specializes in SEO-focused strategies and in digital marketing to elevate businesses’ online positions. Ultimately, an SEO agency works on multiple factors related to your online content and its presence.

Responsibilities or Key Role of an SEO Service Agency:

Once an SEO agency gets in charge, it has several tasks to perform for the client. Let us know the key responsibilities an agency has:

  • Executing review tests, collecting and analyzing data and results, and identifying insights to achieve maximum return on investment in paid search advertisements.
  • For staying on budget, it is necessary to manage ads and campaign expenses by setting up daily, monthly, or quarterly budgets.
  • Analyzing and tracking website analytics and Pay Per Cost initiatives and campaigning.
  • Most importantly, to research and implement search engine optimization recommendations (according to search engine algorithms).
  • Also, to research and analyze competitors’ progress.
  • Optimizing content and landing page to rank on search engine results and marketing.
  • Performing trending keyword research and optimization.
  • Developing link-building strategy.
  • To work with the developing team to ensure that the SEO best practices are being applied. Developers help with coding implementations if required.
  • To work with marketing and editorial teams for driving SEO in content programming and creation.
  • Recommending clients for the changes to content, linking, and other factors to enhance SEO rankings for the targeted keywords, and website structure if required.
Search Engine Optimization Business

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Why Do Companies Hire Your SEO Agency?

All the organizations want to grow and beat their competitors having the same niche. However, growing the business needs an online presence since it is the best-recommended strategy to grow faster and get the maximum audience reach.

The whole process needs an SEO agency to hire for their organizations and you benefit them a lot.

Following are some advantages a company gets while opting for an SEO agency.

  1. SEO agency helps bring in more clients through organic search.
  2. It encourages the company to focus on a good user experience.
  3. It also supports creating a trustworthy digital experience for the users.
  4. It also improves the company’s brand awareness.
  5. SEO agency also keeps updating the positive progress and helps to remove the flaws.
  6. Clients can set up their budgets easily.
  7. The progress is traceable/trackable for the clients.
  8. SEO agencies also provide all the related information about your competitors.

Is SEO Service Business Profitable?

Yes, it is true! SEO business is always profitable as you keep getting clients on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

SEO strategy is not a one-time task for any online content but requires updating them regularly. In other words, it requires consistent action and that leads to getting recurring revenue and profit.

With the advancement of digital and social platforms, SEO is a need now. If you are unable to handle that yourself, you must need an SEO service agency to grow asap. Being a brand SEO service agency, you provide monthly actions and reports to your client and your agency is likely to turn a solid profit.

Thus, any services on digital marketing or social media marketing are beneficial for everyone as no one is detached from any social media platforms on this planet. The only requirement is to step in with perfect planning.

Now let us dive into the steps to be followed for starting with an SEO service business plan.

How to Start an SEO Service Business in 7 Easy Steps

1. Accountant and a lawyer:  Yes, you require an account and a lawyer who can help to determine what protection your agency needs. They also help you with professional and legal advice on banking, insurance, and taxes from the very start of your business plan. They complete and manage the finance/account books which is quite a tough job.

2. Business Website and pages on social media: Your agency must need at least a business website and business pages on multiple social sites for your online presence. If you, yourself, don’t have a healthy social presence online, how would you build trust in your clients that you can help them? The website and business pages should be well optimized and user-friendly for the best customer service and experience. These platforms will help you to convert your users into clients.

3. Compiling your toolbox: Before handling any clients, you must be ready with the right set of SEO tools. There are multiple free tools available online such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and many more.

Start an SEO Business

Though these tools have some limitations, they help for certain purposes for example measuring performance and visitor data, informing you about the details for your audience, highlighting the most-watched pages, keywords related details, the performance of your websites, and so on.

In addition to the free tools, you can take help from paid tools without any limitations.

Such tools are:

  • Ahrefs
  • CognitiveSEO
  • Moz Pro
  • Majestic
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Semrush
  • Spyfu
  • Serpstat

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4. Packaging and pricing model: An agency should also be ready with the packaging and pricing model before starting working with a client. Once you tie up with any client, you need to send a quotation with the price details according to:

  • Hourly charges for a particular work
  • One-time charges for the whole project
  • Recurring charges monthly or yearly

Your accountant will help you to set up this.

An SEO Proposal Template

The most important part of the business is to develop an SEO Proposal Template for your business. It includes a number of the details about your agency. The details are:

Introduction and summary of your agency (Including what differentiates your agency from others, the agency’s experience, and the introduction of your staff).

Introduce your specific SEO insights (With an example of your audit and report).

Your swift deliverables and solutions.

The project timeline for a specific SEO niche.

Your investments and goals.

CTA (Call to Action).

Contract details (Terms & Conditions for applications and cancellation of services).

Test your processes and skilled team: Before working for a client, you also require a proper test for the complete processes and the team you are going to start the work on. The employees you have should only be technically smart but also have good communication skills. The team should have complete knowledge and experience related to SEO tools and digital marketing.

  • Registration: Register your agency as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). It poses fewer risks to running your agency and you can have more than one owner or member in your business. This will also help to protect your personal assets from business debts and other obligations. In case of reaching out to suppliers or lenders, LLC is going to be profitable for your business purpose.

Required Funds for an SEO Service Agency

Starting a small-scale SEO Service business doesn’t require a high investment. You should have a team of 2-3 skilled members, a qualified and experienced supervisor (better if you can handle it), a small rented office (including computer systems and internet), some free SEO and paid tools, license and registration, and a good business profile on social media platforms.

This can cost you a maximum of 2 to 3 Lacs INR and some amount of around 2 Lacs INR should be in your account anytime.

Thinking to start your business on a large scale with several highly skilled and educated employees, owned office (including AC, all required computer systems, own server, wifi, and other), required paid tools, account, manager, and a lawyer can cost you a lot. However, you can apply for a loan from your local banks or financing agencies.

The estimated investment would be around 5 to 6 Lacs INR and around the same in your banks.

What are the Questions a Client Can Ask to an SEO Service Agency?

Why are we sharing this part with you?

  • What is your philosophy of approaching SEO to deliver results?
  • What metrics define “success” for you?
  • How long will it be until we can expect to see results?
  • How do you approach mobile?
  • How should SEO incorporate into our overall marketing strategy?
  • How do you conduct keyword research?
  • How do you approach link-building and influencer marketing?
  • What tools do you use?
  • How do you report on progress and what does it look like?
  • What do you need from us to be effective?
  • How will you adapt that strategy to our brand/business/industry/niche?
  • How do you stay up-to-date on industry changes and Google updates?

We highly recommend you prepare yourself for such questions, otherwise, the client can question your proficiency and caliber to handle the business.


Summarizing the article, thinking to start your own business is always a great deal but simultaneously important is to follow relevant planning, legal and administrative advice, ready the documents and registration process, set up your skilled/technical staff, collect a moderate fund for required investments, setting up social media profile and business pages, and other. Another piece of advice is to start your business on a small scale and later you can ascend to the next level. Don’t forget your niche at any cost and don’t invest much until you see a profitable result and a bright future.

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