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The more our world is progressing in the field of advance technologies, the more humans are becoming lazy and sick. Today, we have medicines to cure the physical pain, but what about the mental stress increasing in people’s life and mind. People go to gyms to become physically fit and strong but what about the mental health and fitness. If you are a health conscious person and want to serve good health to the society, starting with yoga academy can be the best choice.

Yoga was developed by our ancient saints and sages. 

They have to practice meditation all the time but it is also important for them to stay fit and fresh So, they introduced people with a new type of exercise which enables them to stay pleasant, cheerful, fit, calm and happy all the day. 

Gym was a place where you can train your muscles or your physical self to push your physical limits harder.

The demand for yoga is increasing day by day as the stress level is increasing, and making money by relieving people from mental anxiety, depression, stress in the form of yoga is a mind- blowing idea. After reading article you will get to know that how to start a yoga class.

But, before starting a yoga business or group fitness class, you have to be clear that why to start yoga business:-

Ideas for starting yoga business

What are the benefits of doing yoga business?  

Doing yoga business is an amazing choice of business, here’s why

1) There are various awareness programme running which are suggesting people to do yoga everyday,  And the increasing interest of people in yoga acts as a earning platform for you. 

2) Yoga helps in flexibility of body and helps to keep our body and mind in a fresh and pleasant mood.. 

3) People who are depressed, exhausted or frustrated, try to find a way to relieve themselves, And by promoting your yoga classes or academy helps you to find great customers. 

4) After the corona virus pandemic, people want to put their heads and body on a comfortable and perfect form. 

And yoga is the best thing to do that, it helps people to make a good connection with the Nature and their elements. 

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How much it costs you to start a yoga business? 

When it comes to investment, starting a yoga business or exercise class requires much lower investment that opening a gym.

Starting a gym requires you minimum 8-10 lakh rupees because of machines and a lot of equipments. But you can start a yoga academy with a minimum investment of 1.5-2 lakh rupees. 

And the maximum  money you have to invest in your yoga business was on the location, decorations and designing of the interiors. 

The more creative your decorations are, the more you can charge from people. Because people come to you to spend some time in cool and calm place. And the best thing in which people find peace is nature.  So, you can decorate your yoga academy or studio with natural elements and try to make it less artificial and a better place to spend some quality time for people. 

How to become a certified yoga teacher? 

To get a high salary paying job as a yoga teacher, firstly you have to learn yoga. 

  • How to do it the right way. 
  • What are the benefits of which yogasan. 
  • How to do if you have any injury and many more.

To become a certified yoga teacher you can do diploma, bachelor degree, master degree or PHD. 

It depends upon you that at which level you wanted to learn. 

Some best courses to become a yoga teacher are:-

1) 200 hour RYT(Registered Yoga Teacher) certification course is a three week program offered by yoga alliance.

It is the best program for beginners to become a yoga instructor. 

2)You can continue your journey as a yoga instructor with this 300 hour program in 33 days in Hawaii. 

3) A 300 hour 30 days certification program offered by The Himalayan Yoga Institute is another good course. 

After this course you were given the title of “Yoga Vaidya” (expert of yoga).

4) A 200 hour yoga training course by Ajarya Yoga Academy, Rishikesh, India , focuses on Hatha Yoga. 

It helps you to earn a level up than the normal yoga teachers. 

How much yoga teachers earn? 

The earnings of a yoga teacher depends upon the city he/she was, the organisation for which they are working. And if they are teaching people personally then it depends upon the classes the people belongs. 

If they are from a high business class family, then you can charge in lakhs also. Keep remember, if you know everything about yoga. 

If they belong to a middle class family, then you can charge 3-5 per month, per person. But if we see then an average annual income of a yoga teacher is 3 lakh rupees.

It can range from 0.3 lakh to 8 lakh rupees and also it depends upon the people you are teaching. You only have to do this job either in the morning or at the noon. And an average salary of 3 lakh rupees for working part time, two or three hours a day is a comparatively good deal for anyone.

Is it necessary to get a yoga certificate to start yoga academy?  

The simple answer is “No”.

If you want to start a yoga business but don’t have these certificates and also don’t want to do these courses then it is possible to do. 

Although it requires a larger investment.You can hire a yoga teacher for your yoga classes to teach your customers yogasan.

You can provide a good place, proper equipments to the yoga teacher. You need to keep a good understanding with the yoga teacher. 

Otherwise it will lead you to loss in the future, you have to show your customers that your studio is the best.

Otherwise the yoga teacher will later quit your job and with some investment, can start his own yoga studio as your competitor. 

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How to Start a Yoga Center

How to choose a perfect location for your yoga studio?

A good location plays a very crucial role in yoga academy, it is the thing for which people pay you thousands and even lakhs of rupees every month. Also you have to specify that which type of yoga are you teaching to the people.?

You have to choose a location which is away from the local city which is full of noise pollution and less nature. 

To a place where people find the real peace, where it was surrounded by the nature, where very less human interruptions are there. 

If you don’t have enough money, then you can find out that where most of the people go for a morning walk,  And that’s the place you can start with. 

You can start your yoga group exercise in any park or garden but you have to take permission from the local authorities. 

And if you have enough money to invest, then you can buy a place or take it on lease which is not too far from the city but has a pleasant surroundings. 

And the area you have to buy depends upon the customers you have, but still an area of 300-400 sq ft is good. 

Also you can launch the branches of your yoga classes later, when you have a wide range of customers. 

How to do branding and advertising of your yoga academy?

Social media is a very good source of advertisement for your yoga academy. You have to tell people that why your yoga academy is better than the others in the market. 

Do you give any special services or you teach yogasan which are not easily teached by anyone or any speciality of your yoga studio/ academy.

You can run paid advertisements on various social media sites and also you can launch and run ad campaigns for your yoga academy.

In various social media apps you can use hashtags to promote your business like/

Yoga for allLearn yoga
Group fitness classesGroup exercise
Yoga classesWorkout class
Fitness classes

If you have loyal customers then you can record their reviews about your yoga academy.

Before and after joining your yoga studio, how they like it, what will be the rating they give your studio out of 10. 

And then you can post them on social media platforms, if people really find it helpful and wise to join your yoga academy then they can contact you. 

How to make a logo for your yoga classes? 

A logo is very important for any business. People see your logo first and then at your product or services. You have to make your logo such that it could seems to be professionally built. 

You can pay certain logo makers available in the market to make a logo for you.  In today’s world, many people like simplicity, so you can try to keep your logo eye catchy, attractive and as simple as it can be. 

How to make a website for your yoga classes?

A website helps you to build trust within your customers.

If anyone wanted to do a complete enquiry before joining your yoga academy, then a website provides them that service to do a complete research about the business. 

A website shows your business at a respectable and trustable position in people’s eye. To build a website for your yoga academy, you can search people offline to build a website for you. 

Even you can post on your social media accounts a post for hiring a website develop and also you can tell them the price you are willing to pay and later you can bargain. 

You can hire freelancer also for website developers from websites like fiverr, freelancer, upwork, peopleperhour, etc. 

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