How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Service For 2023


When it comes to cleaning, then the first thing clicks in our minds is our mother and her broom. We are going to discuss commercial cleaning service in this business article and related tips for new entrepreneurs.  

Sometimes your mother also tells you about the pain in their waist. So, think that how difficult is that work will be in cleaning the factories, shops, offices, etc. 

Cleaning is necessary for every business, to provide proper working conditions to the staff. 

Simplifying things for general people is only a real businessman can do. 

So, doing a business of cleaning houses, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, factories of people is an incredible idea. It is also profitable because it doesn’t have any specific time to clean anything. Your cleaning business will also get an advantage of high orders during festivals. 

How to Get Started in Commercial Cleaning Service

Before starting a commercial cleaning business, you have to know that:- 

What is a commercial cleaning business? 

A commercial cleaning business is simply providing cleaning service by any company or agency. 

The commercial cleaning company takes contract from different factory owners, people who have offices, bars, shops, etc. 

To clean their work place. Some commercial companies also provides home cleaning service.

Commercial cleaning means cleaning of hazardous waste from the factories, disinfecting the workplace of employees, neutralising the effect of harmful chemicals in the factories. 


It is not as easy as normal cleaning it means doing heavy cleaning work which require proper protection and prevention from chemicals. 

How many types of cleaning industries are there?  

Cleaning industries are divided into two types:-

The first is domestic or consumer cleaning services and the second one is commercial cleaning services. 

Under domestic or house cleaning services, cleaning people’s houses, kitchens, bathrooms, and cleaning of all the stuff related to residential cleaning comes.  

While commercial cleaning services are the services offered to businesses, public buildings, factories, offices, etc. 

Is a commercial cleaning business profitable in India? 

Due to technological advancements people are getting lazy for cleaning. And also due to increasing work load in their lives, people didn’t get any time to perform cleaning activities. 

So, it’s a plus point for businessmen in India to start a domestic and commercial cleaning company. 

In India you will also get plenty of workers from your nearby places. 

How much it costs to start a commercial cleaning business?

Starting a commercial cleaning business requires investment, and the investment depends upon several factors. Such as equipments you have, how many workers do you hire in cleaning service.

How to start commercial cleaning business in India?  

To start a commercial cleaning business in India you have to take care of some things.


 Such as the name, logo and tagline of your commercial cleaning company, how to register it, how to get clients, and more which we see below. 

1) Choose a perfect name for your cleaning business:- 

A name is the first identity of any business, such as maid cleaning service or cleaning maid etc..

You have to select a unique name of your business such that it was not hard and typical to pronounce and also easy to remember by the people.

2) Company name

Along-with your name, you have to add a little tagline below the company’s name. 

Always remember, people once forgot the name but they can never forget the tagline which sounds like a little melodious song.

3) Company Logo & Trademark

After selecting name and tagline, you have to make a logo or trademark of your professional commercial cleaning company. 

It helps in identifying your brand out of several brands in the market by the clients. 

4) Company Business Profile

Then you have to make a business profile of your business to represent your commercial cleaning company in front of different business owners. 

In the profile you can write the professional cleaning services or professional commercial cleaning services you offer, make sure that every service you offer must be included in that business profile. 


5) Website Domain

Then you have to get a high quality domain for your business. You can use websites such as Hostinger, Go Daddy and so on. 

The domain must be spelled as much close as your company’s name was 

6) Business Cards

Being in a business also requires business cards to represent your business. Business cards help in contacting other unknown business people or normal people to your business. 

And they also serve as a good source of advertising for your business. Below your cards you can add a line such as business cleaning services or house cleaning company etc..

7) Company’s pamphlet

You then have to make pamphlets for your business to make your business known to people. You can hire any person or you can tell it to your workers to distribute the pamphlets to the people. 

This thing helps you know that how many people want to take your house cleaning services. And once you have come to know about this, then you can make them your permanent customers by doing an extraordinary cleaning work. 

For more ideas you can study to commercial cleaning companies or cleaning service company online.

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Why registration of your commercial cleaning company is necessary?

Registration of any business is very important to build trust among other businessmen, banks, investors.                 

Registering your business helps you to secure your business identity from different brands of the same name in the market. If you have registered your company as a one person company, limited liability company or private limited company, then you have an advantage of limited liability. 

It means if you have taken a loan from any bank and then if you are unable to pay the loan amount to the bank, Then the bank only has a right to sell your business assets and recover their money. Yes but, they cannot sell any of your personal assets. 

Commercial Cleaning Business

And also bank offers loan to those businesses only who are registered and after seeing your profile. And if you don’t want to take loans then also to attract venture capitalists and angle investors you have to register your business. 

Giving and receiving business payments also requires trust in the business and a registration provides that trust to other businessmen. 

How to register your cleaning company?  

You can register your company through two ways:-

1) MNC (Multinational Corporation) 

2) MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) 

Registering your cleaning company in Multinational Corporation allows you to do business in more than one country at a time. 

Registration in MNC costs you between 1,000 Rs to 2,000 Rs. MNC registration requires you to have a shop of yours or at lease. 

If you didn’t have any shop then you can start your business from your home also. To register your business in MNC your business must have two shareholders and at least one director, who were living. 

And if you want to register your company under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. Then the registration is free of cost and only Aadhar card and pan card are necessary.

And if you are registering your company under MSME by any third party, Then they will take some of their charges.  It also requires to have a shop or you can run your business from your home also. 

You also have to open a current account in the name of your business.

There are also some charges required by bank to maintain your current account. 

If you don’t want to open a current account then you can also link your personal bank account to your business. 

How to hire workers for your cleaning company? 

You need workers to visit people’s houses or business people’s factories or offices to provide the cleaning services. You have to hire and send workers to people’s houses to whom you could trust. 

Because your workers are going to enter inside the places where people have their precious and very sensitive items. 

If any of your worker committed any mistake while working, by chance, Then it’s not a good thing for your starting business, it affects the image of your business in general people’s way. 

You can post on different platforms the information required to be you’re employee. 


You can make a proper process to employ people. And you can ask open ended questions to the people came for interview, so that you will know their thinking and talking sense. 

And when you have a good number of employees, you have to take care of them. 

So that they will offer their long term services in your business. You can give them bonuses, badges for good work, appreciation, you can increase their salary. 

How to find customers for your cleaning business? 

Finding customers is a great deal for every business owner. You can tell all your relatives to spread the news about good quality of your services. Or you can hire any third party to advertise and to help in attracting the customers to your cleaning services. 

You can charge slightly less than other cleaning businesses in the market in starting. So that people want to take cleaning services from you at a lower rate.

You can advertise your business in social media, due to which people are getting lazy. You can pay to website developers to make and manage a website of your business. 

A website helps people to know more about your services. You can share the reviews and photos and videos of your work on social media platforms, To build a strong trust of customers in your services. 

How to get your first contract? 

To get your first contract you have to visit your nearby offices or factories,  And talk to their owners to provide them your services.

If any one of them agree to take work from you. Then you can take their views regarding the work. You can give them your business card and also you can tell them to ask their business friends if they want their services. 

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