How to Start a Medical Delivery Service and Pick Up Samples


Medical Courier Business Plan

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a new business opportunity, starting a medical delivery service and pick up samples can be a profitable venture.

If you have low budget in the beginning and have a space issue, you can manage with small area also without any huge luxury room office. Besides that your main job is to manage your vehicle, pay to delivery drivers and making new clients. This is true that as compare to pizza delivering, X rays and oxygen tank delivery and collecting medical samples is different job.

There are few policies for doing this business to protect you. You’ll need to study them properly and move accordingly, such as medical courier certification.

Is a medical courier business profitable?

Beginning a medical delivery service can be a profitable business idea. There are often very less startup costs. Moreover medical courier business profit margin is good just because of it’s huge volume of samples. If you’re storing inventory, you can likely manage with small storage space and you don’t need a huge office space. But delivering oxygen tanks and X-rays is a little different than delivering burger

How do I start a medical courier business?

The qualifications required to work as a medical courier-independent contractor include a driver’s license, a clean driving record, and a high school diploma. Medical couriers must know or be willing to learn procedures for transporting medical specimens and  documents.

How much can medical couriers make?

Medical Couriers in America only make an average salary of $62,799 per year or $30 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $122,000 annually, while the bottom 10 percent under $32,000 per year.

8 Steps To start a medical delivery service (pharmacy courier)

Need to know the industry

With growth rate of 3% and above 300 billion USD profit and more than 90 billion USD in revenue this is not a wonder that a medical delivery service has been continuously experiencing growth in the market for new entrants.No-doubt medical courier business income is good than your expectation.

With this response there are millions of new businesses offering this service to new clients and trying to move forward.

One major and important factor is being observed that all service provider are giving their services to the clients 24 into 7 at their home.

Second factor, which is observed is that demand for fast delivery of medicine and and this is in high demand of this particular industry. To make customer service more attractive few companies are offering and even charging no extra charges in long distance delivery. Medical courier service in India is getting increased rapidly because of busy schedule of citizens, especially in urban area.

How to get your clients

For your medical delivery service there are several potential customers, including

  • Hospitals
  • Labs
  • Nursing homes
  • Patients (residential addresses)
  • Private practices (dentist’s offices, surgeons, etc.)

With above contacts need to design a professional website of your medical delivery service. On your website your service description should be mentioned with complete contact details.

As an owner of a medical delivery service,this can be challenging job to grow your client list. It is in part because major delivery services (such as FedEx, USPS, and DHL) have a wide reach in various industries.

But getting new delivery contracts is an initial step of growing your delivery business — you also want to retain your existing clients and cut down on inefficiencies and expenses.

When you deliver your client’s orders efficiently and quickly, two things happen.

You’re Less Likely to Lose a New Contract

The transportation industry is a competitive space. You can’t afford to manage a business that delivers damaged or packages late. 

You’re Making Good Money Per Delivery

The less it costs you to make per delivery, the faster your deliveries are made (because you’re saving on labor and fuel costs).

Hire delivery drivers

IndeedLinkedIn, and Glassdoor. are very good job hunting sites, you can post advertisement and hire delivery staff for your medical delivery service.

You can give a full proper description in your advertisement and can mention what type of staff you want exactly with purpose. Soon after posting you will get started response of job lookers according to your advertisement. You can choose right candidates from those.

Like any other industry medical delivery service has competitors.

Need to know the competition in the industry

Many competitors of this industry making impacts in this particular field of healthcare industry. Still there is a huge level of space for newcomers and can take an initiative with full of confidence with proper information about the industry, hard work and proper network anyone can make space inside and earn good profit for himself.

To make your space in the market this is very necessary to know about your biggest competitors and how they are giving satisfactory services to their clients. Study about your competitors will help you in making a business model.

Doing such type of practice will not give you an idea of initial investment but also increase your success ratio. Below mentioned are top medical courier companies who is providing medical delivery service in Asia alone.

Netmeds, BookMeds, 1mg, mChemist, Pharmeasy, MyMedisyn, CareonGo, Dawailelo, and Mera Medicare

Important steps to increase revenue

Business website and mobile application are most important and useful things in current scenario. Through mobile application which is able to guide all possible routes to drivers can save money and time.

On mobile application customer can make registration with complete communication details, doing these formalities will not give customers a better service but also save time of delivery drivers. Even, in case of any confusion in finding delivery address, drivers can make contact with customers and take help in finding correct location.

After delivery, delivery boy will make entry of delivery  on mobile application for final upgradation. This normal practice is successfully being run by maximum current online delivery companies.

Make a successful business plan

Planning increases success ratio and decreases percentage of risk. Before executing any business, planning is necessary for security. Make a proper description of your company including all sections delivery, marketing, branding, manufacturing and customer handling etc.

Full medical transport equipment

This is very important aspect the proper handling of transport of medical samples for a successful medical delivery service. You must have a structure of your business through which all samples you could keep safe with the help of necessary equipment.

VaccineLab specimens
Patient recordsX-rays
Test reportsBlood

Dress code with operating procedures

Dress code reflects professionalism of your company that’s why it is important and keep safe your employees from biological substances as well as maintain medical integrity of medical samples that transport. Staff of your company should  wear proper dress with your company’s logo for their identification and they should wear rubber soled shoes. Your staff should keep hand sanitizer with them always and have non stop practice of sanitizing after collecting each single sample of medical.

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