Corn flakes making business

Corn Flakes Manufacturing Business Plan

If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a business opportunity with liking healthy corns, this article is for you. Increasing competition in each sector creates fear or confusion in people, which is very normal.

Corn flakes manufacturing is an evergreen business, yes before taking any initiative all we need proper guidance or information related. And most important is implementation of all information with discipline which make business successful.

In this business guide I tried to deliver all necessary tips related corn flakes manufacturing process which will help you in the beginning of your own corn flakes start up.

Without wasting time let’s begin.

Is corn flakes business profitable?

You need to understand this thing that your product should have crispy nature, good in taste, and blend flavor. Setting up a Corn flakes manufacturing Business is a profit-making business as the demand for crunchy and crispy corn flakes demand is increasing rapidly.

What is corn flakes rich in?

Corn flakes is full of vitamins, with A, B, C, D, and E. Moreover, it is rich in thiamine that is good for energy boosting, carbohydrate metabolism, and cognitive functions.

Corn flakes making business ideas

Corn flakes manufacturing Business planning

  • Necessary business permission
  • Look for perfect location
  • Investment casting
  • Raw material
  • Manufacturing process
  • Business promotion
  • Machinery requirement

Permission for corn flakes manufacturing 

You are going to run a food processing business like mohun’s corn flakes manufacturers, you must have all legal permissions or business registrations. Doing this will make your business a legality.

For this you can confirm all legal formalities your state or district wise and fulfill them.

Business location

Locations are very important for any business. To start small scale corns flakes production plant you must have to choose a location which is nearby main road with commercial space and yes must be in your budget as well.

If you get a single hall around 1,000 square feet, that would be perfect for you to fulfill all activities.

Material for corn flakes manufacturing

This is clear that corn is the chief raw material for this business, but it’s a seasonal item, so you have to procure this entire during the harvesting period only. And you must have to make all arrangements of storage.

With cons you have to obtain salt and sugar which are available full year.

With all above things you will have to arrange packaging material which is also an important segment.

Staff  hiring

To become a successful corn flakes supplier, you will need to hire staff in this business for three segments manufacturing, operational and marketing. Keep remember just hire experienced staff.

Moreover, hire a supervisor who can look individually all units.

Healthy Corn Flakes

Investment costing

In this business basically you will have to arrange funding for three segments location, raw material, marketing and staff salary.

To start this business you like to arrange between 6 – 8 lakh rupees minimum (INR). You can arrange this amount from your savings, and you can apply for a business loan.

These days in every state  the government is running many schemes for educated employ people and giving low interest loan, you can check these schemes and apply for anyone which you feel suitable.

Profit ratio in corn flakes manufacturing business

In corn flakes production line business you have to maintain every segment, you can make profit up-to 35 to 40% easily after detecting your all necessary expenses.

Corn flakes manufacturing machine

  • Air classifiers, including all its accessories
  • Silo for storing the corn grains
  • Steamer or Pan Cooker
  • A Heavy flaking machine
  • A Rotary oven
  • A Separator
  • A Cooling and Screening Equipment
  • Mixer for syrups
  • Rotary steam cooker
  • Weighing balance machine
  • Boiler Cap

Your corn flake business promotion

To promote your business you can select few premium locations of your city. These days people are rapidly getting away to take there health and adopting healthy diet.

You can circulate printed flyers in this location mention with health benefits of corn flakes and circulate with small free samples regularly. This practice will help you to make your regular clients.

Keep your samples in local supermarket for display. Apart from this you can make promotion in local trade fairs.

You will have to continue this practice minimum six months to one year to let people know about your cornflakes.

Final lines

No doubt, in every business when we enter the market we face huge level of competition. Keep patience, if you are giving good quality products in reasonable price and have a good customer handling skills, so definitely you can make your space anywhere.

I like to say thanks to all my readers for giving their valuable timing in reading my business article and all the very best to you guys for your corn flakes manufacturing business take care, love you and bless you all.