Start Your French Fries Making Business in India

Start Your French Fries Making Business in India

Baked french fries business plan

There is no doubt in this fact that in this entire world majority of people are foodies. Today in maximum restaurants counting of French fries lovers are getting increased. If you are interested in cooking and like to spend timing in kitchen as well as looking for a new business opportunity, French fry business can be the best choice.

It has been observed that in all major chain restaurants orders of french fries are getting increased rapidly. Combination of potato fry in with spices is being liked by maximum clients.

In the beginning you can start your basic preparation of the business from home to reduce cost such as preparing your material from home and use homemade french fries.

In this article I tried to share all information related potato fry outlet business or how to open a french fries shop for my all readers. Believe me this is going to be the best article about potato fry outlet business.  This is gentle request to all readers to pay full attention. Let’s begin homemade fries start-up.

French fries business in India

How profitable are french fries?

The market of french fries is largely profitable mainly for its low cost in sourcing. A frozen chips production can be easily amped up at minimal investment owing as you know how cheap potatoes cost across the world.

Is french fries good business?

Selling French fries is big business or not ? They’re one of the most popular fast-food item, and adding them on your menu and coming up with new ways to serve them is always a good idea. Both kids and adults love them a lot, and they’re very easy to prepare.

How do I sell crinkle cut fries?

How do I start a french fries business?

Business plan of french fries

  1. Choose the Types of Fries-and-Chips Business. …
  2. Pick the Perfect Location. …
  3. Get the Equipment. …
  4. Handle the Legal Necessities. …
  5. Handle the Food Permits and Licensing. …
  6. Find Quality Suppliers. …
  7. Don’t Forget the Marketing Plan.

Business location-  Undoubtedly, location plays an important role in most for crinkle cut fries business. Fortunately french fries now  have become a globally popular consumed snack. The business location you select should be on main road or nearby, where all age groups people visit fluently. 

French fries variety

Equipment for your french fries business

If you have a dream to be an owner of a french fries company, you must focus on your equipment. Equipment is an important aspect to fire them. You will have to arrange oil filters, cutting machines and frying machines. 

Don’t compromise with the quality of equipment because this is the basic items to make them prepare, yes you can visit many shops to buy them and negotiate in purchasing price. 

In current Mcdonalds french fries are most popular, you can observe something from their and implement into your own business.

To know about equipment for french fries click on this link

Business strategy

As you are going to run french fries business or finger chips  which is being run by big food chains like McDonald, you must give a feel to you clients that they are having a standard food like big food chains or restaurants. 

You should use gloves and other cover items for hygiene purpose. Make a variety menu chart of  french fries. 

Give good sitting arrangements with lighting and light music. You can use a feedback chart also to make your business more attractive and better, these days this trend is getting populared. 


If you are lover of french fries so, you can understand this better how versatile it is. French fries are served as a side dish and as a main dish as well. 

Presentation increases attraction of everything. You can use mayonnaise, cheese, sauce and veggies to increase the attraction of your french fries. 


 You are going to prepare best french fries, don’t compromise with the quality of your item always use the best for your clients such as use best patatoes for french fries, you can buy them in wholesale direct from farmers, use good quality oil. Believe in this fact that customers recognize quality difference easily.

Variety of french fries

There are many types of french fries available in the market for soggy fries lovers. You must learn all varieties to attract maximum clients for your french fry business.

Crispy french fries

Investment cost of french fries business

Material costing – material costing depends on your manufacturing volume. In starting volume should be an average so that possibility of wastage can be controlled. 

Machines costing- You will require high-tech machines to make your crispy fries material get ready.

On machines don’t do any compromise. 

Setup costing-  As we have discussed the presentation already. In starting, you will have to arrange few things such as sitting, an attractive menu chart, cool lighting and few other things to make a healthy atmosphere for your crispy french business. 

Advertisement cost-  To let people know about your business you will have to adopt all ways, such as Flyers, newspaper advertisement, social media, hoardings. 

You can give free samples to your near shopkeeper or residents of your sweet potato french fries. 

If you are preparing smiley face french fries and giving in reasonable cost, definitely you will get response. 

Final lines

In all business patience & correct strategy is the most important factor. Before starting your healthy fries business calculate your all steps calmly and then move forward. 

Thanks to all readers for giving your valuable timing in reading my business article. All the best to all for your french fries business

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