A new type of vegetable was added nowadays in people’s menu, that is mushroom. People started loving the new vegetable due to its high nutritional value, its taste and a lot of things. Starting of mushroom farming can be a fantastic profitable idea.

 Mushroom was counted in all vegetables which are rich in their nutritional value. 

 Mushroom contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, which include Cooper, potassium, iron and B vitamins such as Folate in very rich amount. 

Mushrooms are a great source of low calorie source of fiber, selenium and antioxidants. Mushroom plays a lead role in all the veggies and food products. 

The protein powder and the food products which bodybuilders consume, mushroom is an important ingredient in all of them. 

Due to mushroom’s all these qualities, it is also known as the meat of vegetarians. 

Not only in diet but mushrooms also helps you in earning extra income.

Due to this it also falls in second income ideas in businessmen’s minds.If you are thinking some money making ideas from home, then doing a mushroom business is a great choice for you. 

Doing mushroom farming business is a high profit margin business. This business provides you different ways to make money on the side. Along-with the main income from selling mushrooms, you will also get a side income from the residual of mushroom farming. 

                                   The investment required in this kind of business is also comparatively low. There is a lot of demand for mushrooms in the market and due to limited supply, its value was also increasing gradually.

Because of its high demand you will easily get your customers. After knowing about mushroom farming, multiple questions are now arising in your mind, let’s clear them all. 

How profitable is mushroom farming business

Mushroom farming is a good means of earning in short time. But people may suffer a little loss sometimes due to large investments or unconditional weather changes. 

You can take almost 30% to 40% profit margin in this business. 

                    Approximately you can earn 2 lakh to 6 lakh income yearly in a 100 square feet area with some good quality of mushroom seeds. The global market was estimated to grow from 12.74 million tons (MT) in 2018, To 20.84 million tons (MT) by 2026, at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.41% annually. 

How much it costs to start a mushroom farming business

Cost involved is an important thing Which influences businessmen’s decisions. 

The cost involved in mushroom farming is comparatively low as compared to other farming businesses. 

You have to invest 10,000 rupees to 50,000 rupees, for a small business. 

Later you can expand your business from your earnings or you can invest lump-sum money for a large scale business. 

For a large scale business, you can invest 1,00,000 rupees to 10,00,000 rupees in starting. Later you can introduce additional capital to grow and expand your business. 

The maximum investment in this was involved in acquiring the area and maintaining the right temperature for mushrooms. Wooden shelves or something which can help you in doing vertical farming are very useful and they also require a part of your investment. 

How much can you earn in mushroom farming business

Income is the thing for which everyone can do business. You can accumulate huge profits in mushroom farming, but it depends upon several factors. 

Your earnings depends upon the quantity you produce, the type of mushrooms you grow,  the price of mushrooms in your area.The average price of mushrooms in India is around 140-165 Rs per kg. 

For an instance, if you grow 500 kg mushrooms per month. Then the revenue you earn from 500 kg mushrooms at the rate of 130 Rs per kg, Will be 65,000 Rupees.

You got 65,000 Rs on your first month, which covers the amount you invested while starting it. After deducting all of your expenses you will get your net profit,

Which you can invest in the business also or you can use it for yourself. 

What are the requirements to grow mushrooms

The requirements to grow mushrooms are materials, such as

1) Good quality of mushroom spawns/seeds

The higher quality of mushroom seeds you have, the more profit you will earn later. 

2) Substrate 

Substrate is the waste material from plants and crops, such as straws, cereal straws, sugarcane bagasse, etc. 

                                              Cutting the straws into little pieces of about 2-3 inches will make the perfect base for mushroom spawns to grow. 

3) Farmland

Acquiring some area to grow mushrooms is the most important process. 

You can fully utilise your area by doing vertical farming. Vertical farming can generate more mushrooms in a small area. 

4) Air Conditioners 

Air Conditioners are required in mushroom business because mushrooms are the plants which grow in cool temperature. Maintaining right temperature in the area is a very vital thing. And you can use water spray foger also to maintain temperature. It helps your mushrooms to grow to their fullest extent.

5) Supplements 

Supplements for mushrooms are also important, they require supplements such as rice bran,  wheat bran and many other things. These things are optional, if you want good earnings then you can use them. 

These things cannot affect the quality of mushrooms. 

6) Jute bags

Jute bags are important to wash the substrate and make it suitable to grow mushrooms 

How to grow mushrooms step by step

Firstly you have to purchase the best quality of spawns to start. Then you have to buy substrate, you can take it from anywhere. Normally farmers threw out all of the crop wastes. You can directly take it from them.     

          In some cases farmers sell the waste of their crops at some minimal prices. 

Then you have to put them in the jute bags or whatever bags you have to sterilize them. 

                        You have to boil those bags, so that no fungi will stay on it. Then you have to let it dry for 1-2 days. After drying you can put them in small polythene bags along-with the mushroom spawns.     

                              You also have to make little holes on those polythene bags so that the air flow will not get interrupted. 

                   After some time you can see mushrooms coming out from the polythene bags.       

                          When they grow completely, you can pluck them and then they are ready to earn for you. 

How many types of mushrooms are present

Approximately 1,400 species of mushrooms are present worldwide. Out of which only 3,000 are edible and also from those 3,000, humans only eat 200 types of mushrooms.        

What are the 5 main types of mushrooms

However, the 5 main types of mushrooms edible are

1) Button mushroom:- These are the most common type of mushrooms present almost everywhere. They have a good demand and also have high prices. 

2) Oyster mushroom:- You can grow and sell this mushroom in starting. 

These mushrooms are easy to grow, cheap to buy spawns and good to eat. 

3) Portobello mushroom:- These mushrooms are the final fully grown stage of button mushrooms. 

4) Cremini mushroom:- These are also of the same variety as the button mushroom has. But these have a deeper taste and they are brown in colour. 

5) Chanterelle mushroom:- These mushrooms have a bright yellow colour and they have a sweet and peppery flavor. 

What are the best ways to make extra money from mushroom farming business

Growing mushrooms has another advantage, it can also provide you extra income. 

Along-with selling mushrooms to wholesalers or direct to customers,You can also generate additional income from mushrooms. 

                         After obtaining mushrooms 3-4 times from one pack, the substrate rots and then becomes a good manure for plants.You can sell it to the customers or to the farmers from whom you took the straw waste. 

                     This thing will help you in earning an extra revenue from the waste products of your farm. 

How to buy good quality of mushroom spawns to grow

Buying mushroom spawn requires the ability to see their quality before purchasing.        

And the ability will be developed within you when you work under any other mushroom farmer, Or you can learn it from outside studies, lectures and practicals. 

While purchasing the spawn, you have to see that there must be a proper coating of mycelium over the grain. Mycelium is a part of fungi Kingdom, from which mushrooms stars to grow. There should be no green or black spot in the spawn.

                    The growth of mycelium in spawn should not be cottony or fluffy, it must be silky or strandy type. 

How much time it takes mushrooms to grow

Growing mushrooms takes time, it depends upon which type of mushroom you want to grow. 

                             Growing large mushrooms requires up-to three months to fully mature and then they becomes ready to harvest. 

How to store mushrooms for a longer period of time

When you are doing mushroom farming business, you need to transport your mushrooms to other people. But mushroom as a natural vegetable can deteriorate with time.       

                 To store mushrooms the owner must take care of the temperature. They have to keep them inside refrigerator or at a very cold place until they got the order, 

Whenever they got their order for mushrooms, they have to rush to deliver it as soon as possible.        

                                                        So that they do not have to face any loss if they started rotting after selling them.