How To Start A Successful Digital Marketing Company


The growth of digital marketing is increasing day by day in India and in the whole world. Whenever any company launches its new product, to make it successful the company advertises the product offline and online. Looking for new start-up ideas, entrepreneurs can take an initiative with digital marketing company or social media marketing agency.

But offline or traditional marketing requires larger manpower, money and lots of time and efforts and that’s why companies nowadays are using digital form of marketing because it doesn’t require too much manpower and money.

Digital marketing business ideas

What is Digital Marketing? And how does it work?

Digital Marketing is a part of marketing where you can promote your product by advertising it using internet and digital technologies such as mobile phones, computers and other social media platforms.

It has its other names like online marketing, web Marketing and internet marketing.                                        

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

1) Digital marketing is a low cost marketing for companies as compared to offline marketing.

2) Investment on digital marketing creates a higher return than offline marketing.

3) It is not limited to the boundaries of state, city or country. It spreads worldwide.

4) Digital marketing only targets its main customers, for whom the product was made, like children, adults, girls, boys, etc.

Why do we actually need digital marketing?

Online marketing makes work easy for companies to find clients or customers for their products and services as compared to offline marketing.

It connects customer with the business in just a few clicks in customer’s mobile phone or computer, which saves a lot and lot of time of both the customer and the businessman.

Internet becomes a very wide marketing place for companies because people started spending more of their time online, and companies are taking  benefit of that thing by doing online advertisements, display advertisements, hiring digital marketing specialists, social media agencies.

Start a Digital Marketing Company

Hiring affiliate marketers to promote their services and products, making websites to make it comfortable to solve customer’s queries and give them the best experience.

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What are the types of digital marketing?

Internet marketing is a wide concept and there are various ways in which you can do digital marketing, some of them are:-

The first thing which is very important is SEO digital marketing (Search Engine Optimization).

In this by hiring people who have perfect knowledge of SEO, you can rank your product or Service in top of or at a higher place in Google Search result which provides you higher traffic which ultimately increases the sales.

Second thing which comes in digital marketing is social media marketing, you can run your ads on social media, the ads you see on YouTube and any other websites are a part of digital marketing.

You can do that by your own also or you can pay any social media influencer who have good audience and subscribers to promote your product or service which attracts customers for your product.

 Or, you can pay to digital marketing agencies to run ads on their accounts.

E-mail Marketing is another way to do digital marketing, in this the companies send direct E-mails to their customers to aware them about their products, discounts, etc.

Some people say that E-mail Marketing is dead now but you can see that from some figures of 2019 reveals that, 3.9 billion people actively use E-mails, and how would you feel even if you got an extra 0.005% traffic and customers from E-mail.

In Addition To The Above Types

 Affiliate marketing is another way of digital marketing of a product which is becoming popular nowadays.

Under this the company pays a person some percentage of commission for the customers he brought to the company or to sell the product of the company.

Many social media influencers who have good audience, use this type of marketing technique to earn some extra money by sponsoring products and services.

Pay per click is another type of digital marketing in which the company gives responsibility to an advertising company to advertise their product and then the company pays to them according to the clicks on their advertisement.

Companies also make applications to promote their product or service because in this digital world everyone has a smartphone which contain various apps.

Another thing is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with this thing companies run paid ads on search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, etc.

What are the skills required for becoming a digital marketer?

Skills play a very important in digital marketing. You have to develop skills to communicate with people because no matter how developed the world is, you have to communicate to the people to get your work done.

Communication plays a very crucial role in digital marketing. For developing it, you can join any training course, you can read books, you can practice.

Developing you creative skills helps you earn thousands of money per day because every firm and business needs creative people to work with them.

Building a good relationship with your customer is a very important thing in digital marketing because you meet new people every-day and if you are unable to grab their attention then after some time you will suffer loss.

Digital Marketing

Digital skills like coding, mobile marketing, Search Engine Optimization, web development, app development are very valuable in the coming future.

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What is Google garage digital marketing?

Google digital garage is a very wide online learning platform where you can develop your digital skills by free courses offered by this platform.

It is a free online certification center where you get certificates of the courses you learn in this platform.

Google garage certificates shows that you have a good knowledge in a specific field and if you go to a digital marketing company for a job then these certificates are very helpful for you.

Or you can start your own marketing agency and offer people digital marketing services. They serve as a bonus for your chances of getting job or starting your own social media agency.

What are the scopes of digital marketing?

There is a vast scope of getting job, making money and standing out from the crowd in future in digital marketing.

Many people enroll in this and now they are making thousands of money every week.Digital marketing intern
SEO executiveContent marketing executive
Web analystDigital marketing executive
Link building specialistsLink building specialists
Google ads specialists

These are some mid-level career options in digital marketing which you can do.

Higher level of career options in this field which provide you higher profit, salary or money require greater and more finishing skills.

Digital branding headPaid advertising manager
Social media managerDigital marketing strategists
Digital marketing head

There are some higher level career options for digital marketing.

If a person wants to do something by him-self and not find the job then he can starts that in digital marketing work and make money online.

Digital marketing offers you either you want to be self-employed or businessman, you can become both in digital marketing.

Scope of digital marketing in self-employment or online business:-

1) You can become a professional full time blogger and can make money by doing affiliate marketing and advertisement on your blogs.

In addition, you also freelance your blogging which gives you time flexibility and easy to research and write.

2) You can be a freelancer and find jobs online and connect with people globally without any time limit of work, either you can do your work whole day or one hour only, it’s up to you in freelancing.

The only thing freelancing requires is the skills you have. If you have very high skills then people don’t care for money you want for their work.

A great way to prove your skills is doing something by your own or getting certificates in that specific field.

3) The one thing which many people do is becoming a you tuber and earn a lot of money by sponsoring other products in your videos, by ads, by YouTube monetization, etc.

And when you have a good and huge numbers of subscribers and views on your channel, you can diversify them in other places also and also you can do affiliate marketing in that.

If you already run any website or blogging channel, then you can get easy traffic from your YouTube channel to your website or blogging channel.

How to start digital marketing?

 As we discussed, either you can do a job or you can freelance your work or you can be a businessman. For starting all that you don’t even need any extra thing other than a mobile phone with good internet connection and a little money in your bank account which is not necessary if you don’t want to take risk.

  • You can build your E-mail list and do E-mail Marketing.
  • Secondly, you can join any firm and learn from them their business and then you can do your own.
  • Thirdly, you can be an affiliate marketer of Amazon or Flipkart and do affiliate marketing from your phone.
  • Fourthly, you can start your blogging or YouTube channel and start earning after some time.
  • Finally, you can promote your channels and products on your Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites.
Digital Marketing Company

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What are digital marketing companies? And how you can open one?

 A digital marketing company is one which uses every form of internet marketing to promote and advertise their client’s products or services.

 1) To start your own digital marketing company you have to firstly buy a high quality domain like .com, .Net, etc.

Try to find a domain which exactly or have a very close match with your company’s name.

2) Then you have to socialize with people in social media platforms and have to build a large number of genuine followers on social media.

It helps your future clients to trust in your company.

3) The next and important thing you have to do is to build your company a brand to stand out from your competitors.

A few things you can do for this are like a logo which is eye catchy and simple, high quality content on your websites and social media, good presentations in front of the clients, some business cards to increase the chances of getting clients.

4) Your company is a separate entity from its owner. So, you have to register your company as a one person company or partnership company or limited liability company or whatever your company is.

5) A very important aspect of a company is a team or employees. You have to build a good team for your company. In which every person has a different work to focus on.

To find professionals you can hire people after seeing their skills and their work. Your employees must include

Content writersSEO specialists
Graphic designersFront-end developer
Marketing strategists

What are the qualifications needed for digital marketing?

You can get job in any digital marketing firm if you have passed an university course in digital marketing or a college course or any course which runs by any private training organization.

If you are finding job in a digital marketing firm then you can complete your college to get your first job in a digital marketing organization.

And from there your journey of becoming a huge digital marketer starts easily,  you will then get various contact which will be useful for you in your future, you will then develop your skills and earn more that you are earning currently.

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