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How to run a successful campground

Growth of tourism industry is getting increased every year, as  pollution touching sky in urban areas, citizens are preferring travel to be relaxed time to time. In tourist location camping is being preferred just because of its natural feel. If you are looking for a new business opportunity camping business can be the best choice.

Doing this business will give you an opportunity to run your bread and butter close to the nature on tourist location, where you can treat your business guest with full respect.

The most beautiful features of this camping business are, very less competition and tourist preferences. If you are interested to do something creative, nature close and low investment start-up, this is a perfect article for you.

In this article most information you will get about camping world or how to start a camping business.

Most successful camping business story of India

General Information about Campground Business

Is Camping business legal in India?

Legally camping is allowed almost anywhere in India. this is best if you camping before sun goes down. There are so many night restaurants or ‘dhabas’  open in almost all small and big cities.

But you could camp near population area or inside park like nannup caravan park or new romney caravan park, you can ensure a little more security.

Do you need planning permission to start a campsite?

You don’t need to worry about planning permission or a permit to your local authority and it’s a great way to get a small campsite running in areas where planning permission would not normally be given. There are four kinds of camping certificates which we can issue to your site.

How profitable is owning a campground?

Market researches on the RV parks industry and campgrounds last year in 2019 gives indications that, overall, it is a good field to be in. Total profit increased in 2019 to $7 billion while the count of businesses in total increased to around 14,500. This fits in line with a reported 2.7%  growth in between 2014 to 2019.

What is the 28 day camping rule?

Campsites can be opened for 56 days this year rather than the usual 28 days, under a new permitted development right for the temporary use of land. The government is giving permission for outdoor activities that occur as permitted development to take place for a further 28 days between 1 July and 31 December 2020

How to Start a Successful Camping Business Ideas or Tips

Business planning

Study about Campground Business –Develop Revenue Models. …
Know Your Target Market. …Choose Your Campground Sites. …
Choose a Unique Business Name. …Select a Business Structure for Your Campground Business.
Calculate Costs of Running a Campground. …

Investment cost for camping business

Mainly you will have two arrange two things for your camping business first one is tents and second land. To save land cost you can use remote areas nearby hill or mountain. 

Now if we talk about costing of tents, up-to 75,000 INR a complete good tent can be ready with internal basic items. On an initial level you can start with three or four camps, after that with your business profit you can increase your business size. 

In  winter season you will have to arrange blankets and other equipment to maintain the temperature of you cool camping. 

Ongoing expenses for camping business

Ongoing expenses for camping business or tent camping are very minimal. You just need to timely dry clean your camps so that it looks clean to all clients. Majorly you will have to spend money on cleaning camps for internal items such as bed-sheets, pillow cover or blankets. 

Target market for camping business

Your target market for camping business will be individuals, group of boys and girls, families and couples who want to spend time on vacation in natural beauty. 

How much you can charge to your clients for camping

Basically you can charge per day or weekly for your camps service to your clients. However, you can arrange meal from any local restaurants with local transport service to visit surrounding locations. In behalf of arranging clients to local business owners you can take a small commission as well.

How you can make your business more profitable

To make your business more successful you can run a scheme of advance booking discount before season. Doing this practice will increase your business, surely. 

Make a website and give online booking to your clients with complete food & stay package. 

Give a name to your business

Business identify give your business a feel. Choose comfortable name for your business which describe your business or service you give. 

Business marketing

Find all suitable resources to publicize your camping business such as magazine, newspaper, hoardings, Instagram and other social media promotion etc.

Register your business legally

Register your business legally in terms of norms. Deposit your Income-tax timely, on the basis of this regular practice you can apply for business loan to increase your work size. 

Last lines

In all businesses customer service and behaviour play a vital role. If you behave politely or humbly to your customers, your customers like to visit you again. Instead of doing focus on huge earning in the beginning, if you do focus on customer relationship or service, so this will be better for you in long run.

Thank you all readers for giving your valuable timing in reading my this business article, all the very best to you all for your camping business.

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