The Ultimate Guide Step-by-Step to Starting an Audiobooks Business


Starting An Audiobooks Business Steps

So you have decided to start an audiobooks business, but don’t have any idea how to move initial step? Don’t worry, in this guide you will get to know all about. Let’s begin with basic points about how audible books narrator works. In this guide all techniques, practical advice, skill building directions, with long term career successful planning you will get.

Getting Started Your Audible Books Business Setup

Experts of this same industry advice to start by your own as an audiobook narrator through practice.Read loudly alone in a quite place, select a space where you get minimum distraction, read and feed your sound slowly.

Don’t be hesitate when you start, this is sure that after spending sometime you will enjoy, move yourself to that level. Collect your courage, hold your script in your hand and start reading and record yourself. When you record yourself, listen your audio and find mistakes, where you can improve more. This method of practice helps in recognizing accents and dialects.

When you feel a confidence in your abilities, start recording  a demo. It is a perfect time to invest in your complete kit such as  quality microphone,pop up filter and noise canceling headphones. Look for a quite studio for yourself, it’s not necessary that it should be inside your house only. A computer with recording software such as  GarageBand or Audacity  is compulsory with comfortable in sound editing process.

How Much Income Will You Generate

As an audiobook narrator your income depend on two things, first your experience and second, for which publisher you work.

Few audiobook narrators are members of SAG-AFTRA, which means, their rates are subject to further rules. Even today most audiobooks are available on free audio books app such as audiobook bey, amazom audiobooks app and so on.

Make Free Audio Books App

Mobile apps are rapidly getting popularity these days. Design your audible appp of free audio books collection like libby app, this will not only give you a partial income but also increase your publicity.

Give Audible membership

Offer audible membership for your clients. Start several schemes for your regular clients, through this step you can hold your them. You can offer a new book every month on discount price. In fact whenever customers want, they can cancel their membership & take back deposit amount.

How to Make Career As an Audiobook Narrator 

Once you’ve  mastered in audiobook narration, collect your all tools, arrange for a home studio with mastered audio editing. Apply voice narration jobs in your locality, send audiobooks to narration publishers.

Usually, professional audiobook publishers give an option on their websites to submit demos. It is a possibility that on an initial level you don’t get any response, but if you maintain your determination, hard-work and patience, definitely you would get positive response.

Target Market

Audio book market size is vert big with your studio and all smart devices. Audio books listeners are increasing continuously,  old age people group or low eye side people are listening audio books, people  enjoy it when they do work on their system.

How Audiobook Makes Money

Audiobooks make money by selling and producing. Audiobooks prices are fix and per book selling business earns royalty also.

What Is The Profit Margin

In  audiobook business profit margin is limited. Yes but appropriately it gives margin near about  25% to 40%. Through a major business volume, a good profit margin can be made.

Take an example : On the above calculation basis, if each book is sold around 200 to 750 INR. suppose you have a collection of 100 titles and from each one if you sell 30 copies, so in the month ending you will earn a handsome amount.

Make Your Business More Profitable

Through additional titles publishing of your audio books you can increase your business. If you adopt this strategy so you can increase your no of customers bucket. To compitete in the market you will have to find new ideas with upgradation in yourself.

Opening Cost For An Audiobook Narrator

To begin audiobook narrator work you need a very small amount. So don’t take tension & increase you blood pressure to think about.

First, In the beginning you need to arrange a space for your recording. If you arrange any rental property especially for this job in your budget price, so this would be the best for you. Most important thing, you need to take care about your work place is, that it should be noise free.

Second, you have to arrange good producing equipment and recording for your work. Purchase a computer, an editing software/recording and a microphone. Manage best quality level microphone, and it should be with a headset or desk-mounted.  Manage a handheld microphone that will make holding the script while narrating. However, i have already discussed this point above.

Third, to read the work, the business needs narrator. Cost of narrator depends on the reputation of that particular person who is being hired , but he/she will take amount in few thousands rupees. If you do this by yourself so you can save this figure.

Lastly, business needs audio rights.High demand book rights may be in few lake rupees. There is possibility that for other books right may be in low cost or even free as well. With less capital business you can start by recording with few newly narrators just a few profit margin sharing.

To fulfil requirement of cover art, a person needs to be hired. However, this task can be fulfilled self as well.

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