Wind Chimes Business Plan for Beginners

Wind chime business is a typically different type of business and has a huge market globally. Different types of wind chimes are made from variety of materials for buyers. As an entrepreneur or manufacturer you can sell your wind chimes online and offline.

In this article we will discuss how to start wind chimes making business or whether it is a correct business choice for you or not.

Few formation related business

What material makes the best ?

Aluminum: By far the most popular type of material due to the clarity, volume, and duration of its chimes, as well as its weather resistance and superb durability. Steel: Always recycled into affordable and durable bell-style chimes.

Why do people own wind chimes?

As wind chimes are thought to be good luck in few locations of Asia and are often used in Feng Shui. According to many literature wind chimes started to become modernized around 1100 B.C. after the Chinese began to cast bells. … These days, wind chimes are common in the East and used to maximize the flow of chi, or life’s energy.

What metal sounds best for wind chimes?

Stainless steel pipes are one of the best materials to make your wind chime from. They are durable and long-lasting items. They also make for a beautiful sound that only adds to the aesthetics of your home.

Are wind chimes good luck?

Wind chimes comprise a set of hollow metal pipes that create pleasant sounds when they hit each other again and again. … As a result, it produces a pleasant sound whenever guests arrive. As per feng shui, the guests whose arrival is accompanied by the sweet music from the chime would be conveyors of good luck.

Start a wind chime business by following these 9 steps:

  • Plan your business. …
  • Form a legal entity. …
  • Register for taxes. …
  • Open a business bank account & credit card. …
  • Set up business accounting. …
  • Obtain necessary permits and licenses. …
  • Get business insurance
  • Investment costing
  • Target market      

Starting investment cost

You will have to take a physical location to start your business. After taking a suitable place need to buy the material to make wind chimes, and later you can sell them on websites such as EBay or Etsy. You can sell your wind chimes offline also nearby your retail stores as a whole seller.In other expenses you will have to pay workers’ salary, store maintenance including insurance and business marketing.

Regular expenses for business

Business owner has to bear store maintenance, raw material purchasing, business marketing and workers salary month on month.

Target market for business

Wind chime is a sign of good luck, so anyone can be your target market. This is true that in certain parts of US wind chime is more popular than others. But in other fact it has been counted as a home decoration item.  If you are making good looking nice sounding wind chimes and selling them in reasonable price, so all-time you have huge market for your wind chimes.

How much profit you can make through .?

Always keep this thing in your mind that your profit depends on the demand and the quality of your material. If you have less profit margin in single piece and you are getting many orders of your customers no doubt you can make good profit margin. You can  observe to your other competitors and see what prices they are charging in behalf of what quality, doing this will give you an idea in deciding your price setting.

Through what practices you can make a business profitable
  1. Arrange exhibition on every festival in social places. 
  2. Take a retail store in prime location in your city where you could sell your business material.
  3. Hire salesman for selling. Give them your products in cost to make your market.

Decide a name for your business

This is very important and challenging to decide a suitable name for your business. Find a suitable name and make it final for your business and get it registered.

Register your business for taxation and business registration

For all commercial businesses, business registration and registration of taxation are necessary, as you are going to run a commercial business that’s why this is necessary for you.


For every business a successful strategy or planning is significant before taking any initiative. In free time if you study biographies of successful businessman you will get useful tips or ideas which will be helpful for you lifetime, specially in your business.

Thanks to all readers for giving their valuable timing in reading all the best to you all for your garden chimes business, bless you all.