How to Start Online Flower Business in India


In every occasion the one of the most important thing required are flowers. Without them the occasion seems incomplete. No matters from which religion you are, flowers are the things which were loved and used by everyone.  Either you have to go to a wedding or someone’s birthday party or you want to impress someone, even when you have to go to someone’s funeral. Flowers play a very crucial role in all that stuff. This article is about online flower business idea, need attention of all reader.  

When people didn’t find a kind of flower which they are looking for, Then they are ready to pay any amount to get it anyway. Starting a flower business is a mind blowing idea if you live in a well developed area and metro cities. 

This is one of the greatest business opportunities for the people who take actions. India is a country of festivals, every month, every 2nd week we have festivals, And these are the festivals which help you to grow and expand your business.

Online flower selling business model is a very creative form of business. There are not too many people who are doing this kind of business in India. 

There is a huge demand in this business because not in India or your country, flowers are used in every country, every season.  

Selling online flower business is a mind-blowing idea.  As compare to offline flower selling online costing will be low and business owner can give  maximum discount to the customers.

So if your business picks up the boost in your country then you can also export your flowers.  And you know very well that how much money you get when you export any product. 

Today most of the people in urban areas are caring smart phones and preferring online purchasing, just because it saves their time and fuel. Flower online can become their best choice if the get this in good presentable way.       

Online Flower Delivery in India 

Which are the most exported flowers

Growing and selling the flowers which are exported helps you to generate a huge cash flow in your business. 

Online Flower Shop Business

The flowers which are widely exported are tulips, cut flowers, lilies orchids and dried flower.

In which country flowers are exported more

When it comes to export flowers then the most flower imported countries are:-

1) USA (United States of America)2) Netherlands
3) Soudi Arabia4) UK (United Kingdom)
5) UAE (Dubai)6) Germany

These are some of the countries which have a very high demand of flowers. 

Opening an online flower shop is a type of hyperlocal business model. 



What is hyperlocal business model

This business model is a one, for which one has to make a business system.  A system which provides the customer the desired product at his home from their neighbourhood stores or local shops. 

Various companies like Big Basket, Amazon, Grofers, etc. Use this kind of business model. Starting this kind of system is quite challenging for the businessmen in starting, 

But when set, then it accumulates a large sum of money for them. This business system helps in supporting the traditional stores by buying products from them.

And also in this kind of business model, one doesn’t require to have an inventory. 

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How does a hyperlocal business model work

A hyperlocal business model is an online business model. So, when the customer places it’s order online, then it was received by the Aggregator. 

An Aggregator is the firm which keeps record of all the data and information of the customer who placed an order by their website or application.

After receiving the order, the Aggregator passes the order to its delivery partner. A delivery partner is one who helps the Aggregator to provide the customer’s order on time. 

It’s main functions are managing staff, product delivery, transition and optimizing issues with product delivery and services offered and after sale services. 

After getting the order, the delivery partner assigns any delivery boy from its staff to fulfill the given order. The delivery boy then purchases the desired product from the nearby store to the customer. 


So, you have to do your online flower selling business in a hyperlocal way. Firstly you have to tie up with various flower vendors and sellers in an area. 

You can either sell only one type of flower or you can sell variety of them, you can also sell flowers in bouquet.

According to your business plan, you have to tie up with the local florist and flower vendors which can do floral arrangements for you on any time. 

Because flowers are perishable items and it will be good for your business to do your flower arrangements or delivery as soon as possible. 

Otherwise the flowers start to deteriorate and delivering rotten flowers was like closing your business before starting. 

How much it costs to start an online flower business

The initial cost to start an offline flower shop is around 4,50,000 – 14,00,000 Rs, But it also depends upon different factors such as location, coolers, etc. 

It is a benefit of opening an online floral shop that you have to pay, but lesser than the offline shop. If you started an offline flower shop then you have to pay for the expenses incurred. 

These expenses include heavy coolers which helps in maintaining the right temperature for the flowers. Renting a good place or buying your own also needs a large sum of money. 

Purchasing flowers to sell is also requires a huge investment. When you start this kind of business online, you will save all these costs. 

In starting you can start with minimum amount you have and later you can increase the investment according to your profits. 

And when a question comes in mind that you are making an investment of money and your precious time then. 

How profitable is an online flower business

Earning profits plays a very vital role in any business, without or very little profit earning doesn’t allow your business to operate in the long run in the market. 

Floral business if opened offline then there are greater chances that you will earn enough to survive. If you check online how much people prefer flower near me or flowers shop near me, so you will get to now about.

Traditional floral shops are limited to only a specific area and hence they make smaller profits. Your profit in floral shops also depends upon the city and state you are selling your products. 

In online flower delivery near me business, you can reach to the very specific customer and get them what they want. They can order flowers online, those are their favourite. Selling flowers online is not limited to a particular city or area. 


And also as you know that the more area you cover under your business, the more will be your profits.  Your profits also depends upon the variety of flowers you sell in your online store. 

If you are selling flowers which are not high in demand then you have to sell more flowers or bouquets to cover the maximum profit.

How to attract customers to buy flowers or bouquets from your online store

Customers are your earning source the more you sell your product to customers, The more will be your income.  Attracting customers to your online store is not a very complicated process. 

When you set up a good brand image of your online store, then it comes in attention of people. They will get attracted towards your online floral and also can buy if they find your flowers fresh and good looking.   

You can give people gifts on their purchases, it can be on their 1st purchase or you can decide according to you. 

This act of your online floral shop attracts people to purchase flowers from your store only even if they get the same flowers at cheaper rates from any other place. 

Due to free gifts on purchasing flowers and bouquets, you can win people’s heart and their minds. You can host an event on your online store and whoever is the winner you give them prizes.

By your this action people want to win prizes and so they participate in your event. And if they like your event then they can be your regular customers.

How to advertise your online flower selling shop

Advertisement is the thing which grabs the attention of potential buyers. To advertise and increase your profit and sales, you can use traditional as well as digital form of advertisement. 

In traditional way you can use graffiti, posters, phamphlets as an advertisement option. Graffiti is nothing but an art of visual communication on the walls. 


This is usually illegal in many areas but you can take permission and then you can pay artists to paint your online cafe in such a way which attracts people. 

You can print phamphlets of your business and then you can distribute them to people by your own or by hiring people to do this work.

Digital form of advertisement involves running advertisements of your online flower shop on social media platforms. 

Even you can pay to social media influencers who have a large number of followers to advertise your online shop. 

Hiring digital marketing companies to advertise your online flower shop in their pages and accounts also can be a good idea.

You can build your own business website to give the required information to the public about your business, about the variety of flowers you sell, about the bouquets you sell, about the after sale services you offer.

Moreover  you can even hire any SEO specialists, so that he can help you to rank your website I’m the Google Search results. 

Which ultimately helps in increasing your sales and profit. 

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