How to Start Mobile Phone Repair Shop / Store a Step By Step Guide


Mobile phone a device which almost everyone uses in their daily life in the globe. It is a device which can be constructive as well as destructive for people. Undoubtedly, because of its high volume users, market of mobile phone repairing shop or store is very vast and demand of mobile phone repair is highly required with new cell phone stores.

The only thing which this device need is energy to stay alive and an internet connection, and then it has the potential to suck up all of your energy or to keep you inspired and motivated. It all started with the invention of telephone, then the small screen phones came, and now they are converted into smartphones and can work as a mini computer. 

In this article we will discuss cell phone repair business or cell phone repair shop plan. People are so much addictive to mobile phones, if someone snatch it away from them for a day, then they will soon become mad for their phones. Many people can’t resist the urge to check their cell phones after every 15 minutes. Humans also became exhausted with consistent work after some time and feel low, then these are mobile phones, which also requires some time to rest and work efficiently later. They need a mobile repairing shop near by their residence, who could repair their out of order mobile phone immediately.

But its addiction to people doesn’t let them to keep it away from them, Even when it was charging, people are overusing it. This kind of over usage results in damaging the phone, And not everyone was too rich to buy a new smart phone every-time the previous one deteriorates. 

So, that’s why people use the other way of repairing it. Repairing old phone helps people save money. You can easily start a cell phone or mobile phone repairing store to accumulate huge profits.

Mobile phone repairing business has a huge potential and it will be served as a good income source for you. For starting a mobile phone repairing store, you must have to know that.

How profitable is cell phone repairing business

Everyday billions of cell phones are being repaired. This business has infinite income opportunity because people never stop using mobile phones in the future. 

They are too addicted to phones such that it was impossible to break their addiction.  And their addiction is a good thing for your business, the more people use smartphone, the faster they will deteriorate. This means an ultimately more income for you.

Start Your Mobile Phone Repair Store

If the management of store was good then you can earn a lot of money by repairing phones. Smartphone repair business was valued at 185 billion US dollars in 2020,

And it is expected to grow at a Compounded Annual Gross Rate of 5% from 2021 to 2027.

You can earn upto 50% to 60% margin in this business. If you grew your repair shop with the outmost goodwill in the market, then it will boost your earnings overnight. 

How much it costs to start mobile repairing shop

To start a mobile repairing shop the cost depends on your location and shop size.

And if you have an average amount to start mobile repairing shop, then make sure you take a shop on rent at a public and crowded place. The more your mobile repairing shop will be in the eyes of the people, the more your chances of earning will be. After renting a shop, you have to buy some machines to repair mobile phones. 

You can either buy all of your tools at once, or you can buy them one by one according to your requirements in your mobile repairing shop. It is advisable to buy digital tools if possible. They help you to trace the exact mistake in the phone and save your time and efforts. Better quality of tools you have, the better quality of services you will provide, which makes your shop Superior among others in the market. 

The average cost to start a mobile repair shop is around 30,000 to 50,000 rupees. And, the cost is quite high but the earnings later are also huge. 

Steps to start your mobile repair shop

1) To start mobile repairing shop firstly you have to acquire necessary skills to repair mobile phones. You can start the business without knowing the skills also, but it requires a huge investment to hire skilled employees and managers. 

It is good and also advisable to learn the skills first and then start your own. 

2) Secondly you have to buy a store or you have to rent it. Before doing that deal keep in mind that the store should be at the main highway, or at a crowded area. Today everyone prefer mobile phone shop near me or anything daily use item. You must have to take care of your customer’s comfort and have to rent your shop at a public place. 

A proper standard and cleanliness should be maintained at your cell phone store, So that people also would like to come to your shop again and again.  

3) The next thing you have to do is to buy the tools required in repairing cell phones. All the tools and machines must be digital and updated, it later helps you a lot in your shop. You can also purchase second hand machineries and tools from someone, To whom you can believe, that he will provide you good quality of tools. 

You can resale old repaired cell phones on a reasonable price to your walk in customers. Cell phone price should be as per your locality’s people financial worth. When they compare it to new cell phone price, deal should be beneficial for them.

4) You then have to register your business and take the GST number. Just like other businesses, 

this business does not requires too much of paper work, There is only a little of that, the rest is only the practical work. 

5) Hiring employees is important when you have a large store, or the orders you receive is very high. 

How to acquire necessary skills to start mobile phone repairing shop

Skills are the things due to which you have an existence in the market. If you don’t have any money, then start brushing up your skills. Money will automatically come to you when you will be a skilled person. 

To learn all those skills, you can join an institute or else you can work as an employee for any other person. Many people join Institute to learn those skills but, there they only learn the basic skills in mobile repairing.

Mobile Phone Repair Shop

Several institutes promise you to teach marketing and all the things related to this market, but they don’t and if they do, then it was very basic. If you want to do that, then you work in someone’s shop.

Working under someone skilled person has many advantages, such as you don’t have to learn basic skills there only, you will practically solve the actual problems, which are very advance and different from those which are tought in institutes. 

Working for someone provides you salary and learning in institute wants you to pay their bills. Moreover, working for someone helps you to know how mobile repairing market works. 

It helps you to know how to expand your business.

How to do marketing of your mobile repair shop 

How to handle customers and many other things, which are not tought in institutes. Before getting job to learn, you must have to make sure that the person must be very expert and professional, otherwise you will learn nothing there. 

What is the legal work involved in starting phone repair shop

You do not need to go round the government offices again and again in this business.

It is necessary to register your mobile repairing business under Shop & Establishment Act in the labor department of government. 

The registration for your mobile repairing business requires some basic information such as, 

  • Name of your shop 
  • Location of your business
  • Number of employees work for you
  • Type of your shop
  • The whole registration was now on your fingertips in your mobile phone. 
  • And, the next and last thing required is GST number.

How to get GST number for your mobile repair business 

You will only get GST number when you register your mobile repairing business. Getting GST registration was very important for doing any business in any state. 

You can do your GST registration from the online government website,

or else you can also take help from any private organization to do your GST registration. 

What are the documents required in GST registration

The documents required by businessmen for GST registration are:- 

  • Your PAN card
  • Proof of your business’s registration
  • Also, proof of its address
  • Bank account statement

How to earn extra income from mobile repair shop

You can earn extra income in your mobile repairing business legally. In addition, you can purchase cheap cell phones and then you can sell them by adding your profit margin. If someone’s mobile phone was going to be destroyed, then you can suggest them to sell it to you and buy new cell phones from you,

When you get the old phone, you can remove some of the good quality spare parts of them, 

And then you can use them somewhere else. 

You can also sign a contract with any cell phone selling shop, 

Such that you will suggest their product to your customers and then you can take your commission on every sale made by you. You can also host an event which says “cell phones for sale”, and you put all of your spare repaired phones for sale.

How to expand your mobile repairing business

You have to do marketing and advertising of your mobile repairing business to expand it. And, you can do it both offline and online, but doing it online has its own benefits. You can put the location of your shop in Google Maps and you can customize it with the help of professionals. People search cell phone shop near me or buy phones near me online.

Such that if someone searches mobile phone shop near me/ or buy phones near me or cheap or cell phone store near me. So the address of your shop will be visible to them firstly and at the nearest distance. 

You can use social media wisely for your mobile repairing business. In addition, You can share the reviews of your satisfied customers at your social media platforms, So that people will see it and come to you next time. 

Another thing is that, Satisfying customers must be the main objective of your shop, one satisfied customer is 10 times better than 10 unsatisfied customers. 

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