How to Start a Personal Trainer Job In 9 Steps


When the corona pandemic started, most of the things are shifted to online. It includes online business, online jobs, online education, everything was online except the health & fitness. Although the whole world is now digitalizing, people are now paying attention to their health and fitness. Choosing a personal trainer or physical trainer job as a career can be a right choice in this time.

Many people started workout at their homes only. Whereas many started going gymnasiums and building up their immunity with their health and becoming fit.

But people don’t know how to do exercises in the gym. They pick up dumbbells of heavy weight and started doing exercise in the wrong way. Then they face the ill consequences of doing exercise in the wrong way. 

For preventing this thing, people started either hiring personal fitness trainers or gym trainers. This is a great opportunity for many people who know everything about exercises, health and fitness. 

Steps/ Ideas to Become a Successful Gym Instructor by Following 9 Steps (Personal instructor)

1. Who is a personal trainer?  

 A personal fitness trainer is a person who has expertise in doing exercises in the correct way which was described by the certificate of the trainer.

In addition, the qualified personal trainer is known to his/her skills, strengths, weaknesses and the areas of their expertise. 

They know everything about every physical activity, how and which muscles are used in which exercises. And they also know which exercises to do if anyone is suffering from any health issues, etc. 

And people are aware of:

  • Which protein diet is helpful to build muscles.
  • What are the things not to consume if someone wanted to loose or gain weight and muscles. 
  • Which good supplements to take to boost the productivity of exercises.

2. What are the benefits of becoming a personal trainer? 

1) Becoming a personal trainer provides you a great earning potential which is not limited to any certain package. Even you can charge as you want. 

2) You get flexible timing to work. You can take rest anytime you want.

3) By becoming a personal trainer you help people to achieve their physical goals. Which can also change their entire life, which is a personal satisfaction in oneself.

4) When you are earning as much as you want, ultimately you get the freedom to do whatever you want to.

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Start a Personal Trainer Job

3. What are the activities performed by a personal gym trainer or gym instructor/personal trainer?  

A good gym instructor or trainer knows how to create a perfect diet plan and a good workout plan for his/her clients. 

They firstly try to understand the physical goals of the clients. And then suggest them which physical exercises to perform for which muscle.

 And they know that if any of their clients is suffering from any health issue then which exercises and foods are strictly prohibited for them.  

During the workout, they motivate their clients to push their physical limits and become stronger than yesterday.

Personal trainers are fully responsible to provide adequate  knowledge on how to use gym equipment correctly and they guide their clients throughout the workout session.

4. What are the qualifications needed to become a certified trainer? 

 Qualifications are must to become a personal or gym trainer. If you are a fitness professional, you can get job in gyms easily on the basis of your fitness and your qualifications. That’s why you must be a certified a certified fitness trainer.

You must be 18 year old, 12th paas student and then you will have to do a 3 years course in Physical Education and then you have to clear a Personal Training course which is of 3-4 months. 

Certificates play a major role in becoming a personal trainer. 

 A level 2 certificate in gym instructing is the most important thing for giving right instructions and it is also an entry level qualification for getting job in the industry of health and fitness. 

Level 3 certificate in personal training teaches you how to attract clients and gather their information, how to customize and make a good workout plan according to the clients.

 A level 4 qualification is the highest level of qualification in health and fitness industry. It gives you the benefit of higher salary and allows you specialisation in various fields in this industry. 

5. How to be a certified personal trainer or fitness trainer? 

To become a certified personal trainer you have to get a certificate from any health and fitness organisation to enter into this field of fitness. 

Many courses are launched by various organisations which are ranging from 2-3 months with some fees, about 10,000-30,000.

The certificates must be renewed from time to time. Here are some organisations that must be helpful :-

  1. NCCA(National Commission for Certifying Agencies)
  2. IHRSA( International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association)
  3. ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine)
  4. National Fitness Trade Journal

6. What is the salary package of a exercise trainer? 

Salary is the thing which keeps the interest of many people in the job. 

The salary of a personal trainer has minimum limit as a beginner but it doesn’t have any maximum limit, because a personal trainer was given clients by the gym to work with and a good ratio of the clients fee was taken by personal trainer.

And, the ratio may be of 40-60 or 50-50 or any ratio, it means that the amount of personal training of a client was taken 40% by the gym and the remaining 60% was given to the personal trainer.  

The average salary of a personal trainer was supposed to range between 29,000-30,000 Rs per month . 

Adding to the above statement, the lowest salary or the beginner salary of a personal trainer was between 10,000-12,000 Rs per month. 

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Personal Trainer

7. How to be a good personal gym trainer? 

A good personal trainer is not one who gives you a diet plan along-with the exercise session and shouts on you if you are not following it. 

To be a good trainer one must have to understand that a personal trainer’s work is not only to keep the clients health and fitness up to date but also to make good relationships with them. 

Communication is a major thing required in this type of industry, a good personal trainer knows how to communicate with their clients as well as how to handle them and listening plays a very important role in communication, a good personal trainer always be a good listener. 

• A personal trainer must speak less and hear more to their clients. He has to be like to easily connect with its clients. 

• In addition, the personal trainer must have to learn how to simplify the instructions and tell everything to the client in the simplest possible way. 

• Moreover, A good personal trainer must have to be real with the clients. He doesn’t have to focus too much on money. He should be real with the time a client’s body will take to come in a good shape, which nutrition is good for them, etc. 

8. How to work in huge and famous gyms? 

Working in famous and busy gyms provides you an opportunity of earning as much as you want and living your passion for fitness. 

9. How to crack any gym trainer interview? 

To crack gym interviews and work with huge and famous gyms, you have to take care of some things.

  1) The first thing which any interviewer in gym notices that how passionate are you about health and fitness and becoming a personal trainer, and do you really have passion regarding that thing or you focus on earning money.

For determining it, they give you several tasks and then ask you several questions like how you train a beginner or a person with some injury, etc. 

  2) Secondly the interviewers see that how much knowledge do you have regarding gym, fitness and personal training. 

They ask you questions which are tricky to answer, they can ask the working of some muscles, their main activity, what happens if that muscle damaged and so on. 

You have to give full detailed information regarding the question to impress the interviewers.

  3) Having a good Resume plays an important role in getting work in gyms. Resume is simply a paper having your bio data, your qualifications, and certificates.

  4) You have to be in a good attire and you have to take care of hygiene and cleanliness. 

When you go for the interview, you have to be dressed like a professional gym trainer. 

  5) You have to communicate well with interviewers. They see your confidence level, your instructing techniques, how you communicate with your clients, do you listen to them or just try to boast the knowledge you have. 


So, to summarize all this stuff, we can say that to become a personal

 fitness trainer you have to be interested in this industry, to know this you can ask yourself questions like, can you do this same work after 10 years also, or can you do this work without getting paid and many more. 

If you don’t have interest in health and fitness but you want to be a personal trainer for earning money, then you cannot do that work for a long period of time. 

You have to acquire necessary skills to enter in this industry like communication, giving instructions, having a good knowledge of human body and muscles.

Then you have to get a certificate in a fitness course by any organisation. 

Certificates are must to start your career as a personal trainer and get job in gyms.

You have to update or renew your certificates time to time.

By having specialists’ certification you then declared to be a specialist in the field your certificate has.

The first job was given by the organization itself from which you have taken the certificate. And by working on and on you gain the working experience. 

Which was required by various famous gyms to get the jobs as a personal trainer.

After doing these entire things if you don’t want to do job for any other then you can start your own business in health and fitness industry. 

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