How to Start a Bonsai Tree Business (Bonsai Farming)


This article is all about Bonsai Tree Business or Bonsai Farming.

Due to rapid urbanization and fixed and scarce land, the demand of indoor plants and bonsai plants are increasing at a rapid rate. People are started getting attracted towards nature and its elements. Trees are the first thing we imagine when we hear the word “nature”. But due to industrialisation  not everyone gets enough time to spend his precious time with nature.

 It is not like they don’t want to go, but it is the time which creates a time bound which is very hard to cross. For new entrepreneurs,  we are going to discuss bonsai tree business or bonsai tree farming in this article below.

But also the view of nature, its elements such as trees, plants,and a lot more things relaxes people too. So, people have found a solution to this,instead of going out in nature. People have started building the whole sight in their homes only. 

They have started growing plants and bonsai plants in their gardens, so that they can enjoy nature. 

Bonsai is a great way to see nature in its beautiful form in huge cities and in a busy lifestyle too. There is a huge demand of this business, you can sell bonsai and can earn a large amount of money easily. If you are planning to start a bonsai tree business, then here is the complete guide for you.

Start a Bonsai Tree Business By Following These 10 Steps:

  1. Plan a bonsai business
  2. Incorporation of bonsai business
  3. Register your bonsai business for taxes
  4. Open a business bank account and credit card
  5. Set up accounting for your bonsai business
  6. Obtain the necessary permits and licenses for your bonsai business
  7. Take out bonsai business insurance
  8. Defining the brand of your bonsai business
  9. Create a website for your bonsai business
  10. Set up your company’s phone system

What is a Bonsai Tree Meaning? 

A bonsai meaning is simple, it means, growing plants and trees by artificial means so that they can grow upto a limited height and stay dwarf. The word “Bonsai” was made by combining two different words, “Bon” and “Sai”. “Bon” means “Tray” which is a low depth vessel as compared  to a plant pot and “Sai” means “to plant” anything. 

Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art which provides huge and big trees a small and adorable look. 

In this technique, trees are used to grow small and shifted to other pots after a specific amount of time.  

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What is the Age of Bonsai Trees? 

Bonsai are nothing but a big tree in much smaller size, but their size does not affect their age. A bonsai age depends upon the species of tree it was. If the tree breed was a low aged one then the bonsai will automatically die after it will cross that age. 

But bonsai trees can live upto 100 years and you will be shocked to know that some bonsai plants crossed centuries and are still alive. The oldest bonsai in the whole world is around 1,000 years. 

Generally these trees can live upto 50 to 80 years if cared properly. 

How Much Time it Takes to Grow a Bonsai? 

You know that growing plant is not an easy task to perform, it takes several years to grow a bonsai.  To grow a perfectly sized and shaped, you will have to keep patience for about 5 to 10 years. And consistent work upon the tree to maintain and stunt its height will take a lot of time. 

And 5 years is the minimum average time.The time will may increase if you want to grow your bonsai from its seeds.Growing it from a sapling will be a good choice if you are having lack of patience. 

How to Make a Bonsai Tree? Or How to Grow a Bonsai Tree? 

To grow a bonsai, you have to be careful regarding its height. Firstly you have to cut down its maximum roots from its bottom. You only have to let the main root grow. 

After that you have to cut down those branches which are unnecessary for the tree according to your vision for it. 

And it is important to do bonsai cutting so don’t avoid it. Then you have to put your plant in a pot which is not very big. This will help you to stunt the height of your bonsai. Then you can prepare the soil with all the fertilizers you want to feed the plant. 

It is always good to use natural one. After that finally you have to let it grow and now you can start shaping it, with the help of external support, threads, wires or I say bonsai tree accessories. 

How to Take Care of a Bonsai Tree? 

Bonsai care requires some of the important points to follow which are written down:- 

    1) You have to keep away your bonsai from the area from where it was exposed to direct heat. 

     2) You have to provide your bonsai with proper amount of sunlight. 

     3) Bonsai needs a good amount of humidity around them to keep the soil moist and to grow healthy. 

How to Buy a Bonsai Tree? 

If you want to buy bonsai plant for your home decoration, You can search bonsai tree amazon on Google to get them at the best prices on Amazon. Or else you can search bonsai tree near me in the Google Maps, So that you will find the nearest location where you find bonsai. Bonsai art takes a lot of patience to build, so according to it, the prices vary from high to low. If you live in UK, then would know that ASDA which is a Walmart owned subsidary.

Now along-with groceries, ASDA also started selling bonsai trees. If you search on Google,  ASDA bonsai tree, then you can buy bonsai trees from your nearest ASDA store. 

Are Bonsai Tree Artificial? 

Yes, as they were grown and maintained by humans, we can say that artificial bonsai exists. But they are not completely artificial as they grow naturally and men can only maintain their height and natural structure. 

How to Avoid the Purchase of Fake Bonsai Tree? 

Before this question, you will ask the question whether it is exist or not ?

Yes, they really exist. People in greed of money sometimes plant a sapling in any elegant looking small pot, So that it seems like a bonsai, and then they sell them for a reasonable amount of money. 

You have to know the difference between the real bonsai tree and the fake bonsai tree. It is the only way to avoid these kind of frauds. 

What are Lego Bonsai Tree? 

This is a good substitute for real bonsai plant. Those who love gardening and plants and bonsai,  this model is a kind of unique and attractive gift for them. 

Building bonsai lego takes approximately 2 hours as it contain 878 pieces in total. 

Lego bonsai can weight around 760 grams and they can live upto 18 years as they are not real.  

These are like bonsai ACNH, in which you can customize your bonsai according to the situations, so that either you can place it on your table or in the ground. 

Can I Grow Aquarium Bonsai Tree? 

Yes, you can. It is possible to grow bonsai underwater, the technique is called hydroponic growing. You can build a bonsai tree aquascape inside your aquarium. 

The bonsai used in aquariums are not living, they are just dead and dried wood in a structured way. Bonsai tree aquarium are made  by adding real, living aquarium plants on their branches. 

Stones at the bottom of the tree helps them to sink down in the aquarium. 

How to Acquire Skills to Grow Bonsai Tree? 

To learn and improve your knowledge in the field of bonsai plants, you must have to search “bonsai tree Austin” in Google if you live in Texas. Austin bonsai society provide guidance and sufficient knowledge to help an individual to grow in bonsai art. 

Austin bonsai society is a non profit organisation which is located on Barton Springs Road in Austin, Texas.

But if you live in India, then you can attend exhibitions and from where, you can find out yourself a good teacher to teach you about growing bonsai. 

Now, the main question comes, 

How to Start a Bonsai Tree Business?

1) As you know that growing a bonsai is not an easy task. It takes years of efforts to grow a single bonsai, so it is not possible for you to grow bonsai trees by yourself for years without earning a single penny. 

Unless you have a large amount of money to start and you are starting this business directly as a large company and you have workers to manage your bonsai. 

2) The another step to Start a bonsai business is to purchase bonsai from a wholesaler in bulk and then manage them by yourself and then create a showcase,

to show them to your customers and then selling them to customers. 

3) If you do not want to do all this, then you can do it by buying bonsai plants directly from the wholesaler and give it to the customer according to their demand. In this firstly you have to find a lot of customers at once, so that you can also purchase bonsai from wholesaler and sell to customer without storing them to you. 

Here the question comes that, 

Start a Bonsai Tree Business

How to Find Customers for Bonsai Trees?

You can take help of social media for this thing. And you can post the pictures of bonsai to your social media platforms and then you can attract your potential customers from there.. 

You may also make yourself a separate business account for all these purposes. 


Having a website helps your customers to know more about your business and the product you are selling. You can provide every single detail about the bonsai you are selling, so that if someone likes any of your bonsai, then they can place their order right from your website. 

And then you can fulfill their need in exchange of money. 

How to Advertise Your Bonsai Tree Business? 

To advertise you can hire any photographer, either part time or professional. Then with the help of him, you can click attractive pictures of your bonsai. You can show bonsai tree and cats, bonsai apple tree and any unique and attractive bonsai tree in your photos, to attract customer’s attention. 

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