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Sustainable Business ideas

Need of eco-friendly businesses are being realized in changing global environment. There are so many green businesses those are in priority list of governments. Those businesses are not or less harmful to the environment are comes under eco-friendly or green business.

If you are looking for a new business opportunity and expecting that it should be eco-friendly then this is a perfect article for you. In this business article as an entrepreneur details of many green businesses you will find ahead.

What businesses are environmentally friendly?

6 of the most eco friendly brands

  • TOMS. TOMS is one of the best-known eco friendly companies in the world. …
  • Patagonia. One of the world’s most popular outdoor brands, Patagonia doesn’t just have a great reputation for its wide selection of durable clothing. …
  • Beyond Meat. …
  • Lush Cosmetics. …
  • Amazon. …
  • Apple.

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Are eco-friendly businesses profitable?

Financial Benefits of Going Green

Taking a business in an environmentally-friendly direction allows retailers, manufacturers, and all manner of corporations to reap numerous financial rewards. Your business can profit from tax breaks to government subsidies, and the increased popularity of your brand.

Green Business Ideas or Sustainable Business Ideas

List Of Top Eco-friendly  Businesses Which You Can Start With Low Capital Investment 

Harvesting Rainwater Projects

  1. As you know that drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce day by day.
  2. And underground water reserve is going low at an alarming rate.
  3. The only way out of this is to replenish the underground reserves with plenty of water reserves.
  4. Water conservation is the only solution.
  5. The best part of this opportunity is that this comes with a reward as well.
  6. With a mission of environmental conservation in mind it is one of the best eco-friendly business ideas for someone who wants to get into this business. 
  7. It couldn’t be better than beginning with a rainwater harvesting project.
  8. From the Centre for Science and Environment interested individuals can receive training. Investment – Rs.1 lakh INR

Green Business Ideas

Publications related to EnvironmentEco-consultancy
Green financingGreen housekeeping services
Eco-friendly retailing‘Upcycled’ furniture
Ink-refilling businessSecondhand shops
Organic cateringGreen franchises
Sustainable items for ConstructionEco-friendly cleaning
Organic/Vegan Beauty salonsSolar panel installation
Eco-friendly landscapingReusable bottles of plastic
Sustainable/Eco-friendly event planningCarbon emission lessons
Cycle repairing or refurbishingLocal eco-friendly recycling businesses
Handcrafted organic or natural products

Eco-Friendly Business Ideas 2023in India

Bicycle Tour PlannerEco-friendly toys
Recycling WastePlastic-based clothing
Used BookstoreBio-fuel production
Bicycle StoreElectronic refurbishing

Eco-Friendly Business Plan

 Bio-fuel Plant

  1.  Setting up a Biofuel Plant is first in our list and certainly one of the best eco-friendly ideas for business –Biofuel is the answer to a lot of economical as well as concerns environmental.
  2. As rises of oil prices , a lot of emphases is being given to biofuel production.
  3. The production of biofuel is set to reach 65.7 million gallons per annum by 2021 globally with the market worth growing steadily from USD 82.7 billion in 2011 to USD 185.3 billion by 2021.
  4. Investment cost – Rs.20 Lakh to Rs.2 crore Related : How to Start a Reduce Food Waste Business: 8 Steps to Success

Start an organic Store Business

  1. Towards an eco-friendly business if you are geared, what could be better than reaching out to as many lives as possible with environmental and sustainable products for daily use?
  2. Starting from personal care products, eatables , and every other product that we use in our house and offices for daily or routine life – there are innumerable ways in which you can reinforce sustainable and eco-friendly business and production practices.
  3. The shift in people’s choice is evident, with rising awareness among people about eco-friendly products. 
  4. Not only do people opt for preservative-free products and chemical, but even they are vigilant enough about the production process.
  5. No doubt, there is a remarkable growth in customer loyalty towards brands that support practices production processes and local businesses that does not have any harmful implications towards the animals or environment.
  6. Hence, the growth of 25% per year in organic products have emerged to be the new sweet spot with a staggering.
  7. Investment – Rs.5-8 Lakh INR


Retailer of Solar Energy

  1. Use of solar energy is our next eco-friendly business idea is an excellent way to reduce carbon footprint  in manufacturing units and homes.
  2. India ranks 3rd as a solar market led by China Globally, and the US. Besides, this offers a plethora of business options that include –
✓ Energy Consultant✓ Solar Manufacturing
✓ Solar Consultant✓ Solar parts manufacturing and/or retailing
✓ Solar Panel Retailer✓ Solar parts manufacturing and/or retailing
✓ Solar Installation

How Solar Energy Is profitable &  Eco Friendly business-wise?

  1. In 2018 India has reportedly installed 8.3 GW of Solar PV capacity,  which is expected to exceed 100 GW of Solar PV by 2022.
  2. The sector is receiving substantial impetus from the government side and that said, it holds a mammoth opportunity in the coming years.
  3. The use of solar energy is a potent way to reduce pollution and hence, will be adopted as a part of the modern lifestyle later or sooner.
  4. Investment Required – Less than Rs.1 lakh rupees to begin with

Composting  Business

  1. Your kitchen waste is a gold mine of your house
  2. It is all time eco-friendly and profitable small business ideas with practically no capital investment.
  3. It’s the sale of vermicompost and production.
  4. By setting up just a couple of composting beds,It can be created for free in the backyard of your house.
  5. This could be a great side hustle for a food chain owner or a restaurant.
  6. Investment – costs of installation one composting bed is approximately Rs.3000, to begin with, and can go up to
  7. Examples: Eco-home care products, friendly Makeup, and personal care. Read : How to Build and Manage a Business Incubator Center?

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