Start Your Own Tattoo Parlor Business

Start Your Own Tattoo Parlor Business

Start Your Tattoo Store

Has tattoo art become your passion or is it more than a passing interest? Does the thought of tattoo is taking the lead on the market, has started making a space into your mind to start your own tattoo parlor. And if you have decided to start your own tattoo parlor it can be a profit making decision.

How to open a tattoo shop

There are so many  necessary  things is required learning about open a tattoo shop which is more important as compare to just being good at tattooing. You should be very good at customer always.

No matter what if you don’t know all about in starting but yes you must have an attitude of learning.

India’s tattoo industry is profiting, near around to generate around Rs. 20,000 crore every year ending. From beachside stalls of Goa to professional studios at malls, the Indian tattoo industry is shining and booming.

Tattoo business plan


Your salary as a tattoo artist depends on many factors, such as your location, your reputation, how many clients you work with, and what you charge for your tattoos. The average pay for a tattoo artist is $AUD16. 90 an hour, but the most popular artists  earn over a hundred grand a year.

Best tattoo artist of the world, Mr. Ed Hardy ($1,500 per hour)  is not only single one the highest paid artist but also the richest. His net estimated worth is around to be $250 million.

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Right Equipment for your parlor

You’ll need to fulfill few basic terms to before starting a tattoo shop. In India this business can be started between $ 7,000 to $ 10,000 , It depends on type of business you are going to start and locality. To get started there are few basic equipment you’ll definitely need, which make your work possible. Firstly, you’ll need various riddles with tattoo machines. Quality machines begin from approx $400, in which disposable needles will be separate.

In the same way you’ll need to purchase steady supply of tube with Ink to feed the machines. Some other things like shaving supplies for customer, stencil for design and so many sanitary items you’ll have  to purchase. A descent computer along with printer and scanner are the necessary items, if you plan to allow your customers in tattoo customization. You’ll have to purchase tattoo chair with stylish furniture. If you ever have visited any tattoo store, so you must have seen the internal interior also, don’t forget this thing.

Give a name to your business

You must have an attractive name for your business and of-course it should be related to your business. Look for suitable tattoo business names and make final which you like and feel comfortable.

Select Your Business Location

Selecting a perfect business location is really challenging job, however, if you are going to open tattoo parlor business, so you’ll face few locality related issues. Tattoos parlors near me is a common demand today. Location of business should be always in main market with elite quality customer. You can take a shop into a  main mall of your city as well. Always remember people go with the nearest tattoo shop.

Your Services and Products

Never two tattoo shops are exactly alike. Look for services and products those are being offered by other stores. To be unique you’ll have to be something different from your competitors, such as  services, prices and designing.

Define Market

To be existed and complete in the market you will have to make some market strategies.

  • Target market: know your customers and what they are seeking how you can fulfill their exact demands.
  • Market Trend: Market trend never same all time. You will have to keep yourself up to date about all changes, what customers are preferring with services.
  • Market growth rate: as a business entrepreneur you should always be aware that your market is growing or drinking ?

Make a Marketing Plan

What factors can bring customers at your parlor.? Defining your market is an important factor. And immediate after the next comes the approach that you will use to draw customer in. Your strategy should be a good combination of several factors: such as, products, services which will offer,  your customer treatment and your location.

Next you will want to spread the marketing messages that you will compel new and returning business.

What licence do i need to start

As you are going To open a your business which is a commercial job you must have all legal emission related. For this you will need to find all business related permission state wise or district wise. Take all permission and fulfill them so that you can run your business in a legal way freely.

Last Lines

Whatever the keys points have been mention above are helpful to run a successful business. Moreover, it’s up to you how smartly you implement all of them.

Thanks for giving your valuable timing in reading this article and all the very best to you for your tattoo parlor business.

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