How to Start Your Chocolate Business from Home and Ideas


Start Your Chocolate Making Business

Chocolate is all time favorite item in the market. If you like chocolate & looking for any new business start-up why don’t you try with your favorite item.

Today due to covid 19 and lockdown situation, all business owners are giving preference to home based businesses. In this scenario you can take an initiative with home based chocolate business. However, you can take chocolate franchise also like of any famous brand but that will be very costly.

For this you will have to study consumer flavor preference, new technology and industry trend. But pry to make your decision first confirm rules and regulation of food products making at home in your state and town level.

You may be happy to know this that you favorite eating chocolate and candy  is becoming your business now.

In India chocolate market has reached a value of US$ 1.9 Billion in 2020 last year with the country is currently representing one of the world’s fastest growing markets for chocolates. Looking forward, IMARC Group estimation the market to grow at a CAGR of 11.3% during 2021-2025.

In India famous chocolate brands are cadbury dairy milk company,Nestle Chocolate brand, Amul Chocolate brand and Parle Chocolate brand .

Chocolate Making Business at Home

Study Food Law Norms In Your State

Before taking any step to initiate you chocolate business from home, please confirm the norms in your state to sell your product in the market.

Before you invest your hard money into this business, it is a necessary step, so that you could do your job freely. For this you need to check online state level norms and visit food and drug department as well as a local business owners.

Design Your Business Plan

Design your business plan, what type of chocolate or candy you want to manufacturer for selling. What type of raw material with instruments is required and from where you will have to buy at what price. This will help you to make a basic ground for your business.

Design Your Basic Product Line

Make a proper list of chocolates which will be created by you with variety and flavors such as chocolate peanut butter, chocolate divinity and chocolate. With western,try to make pure indian chocolate to touch local people sentiments like all biggest chocolate company in the world such as Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Ferrero Group,Mondelēz International, hershey candy company and Meiji Co Ltd.

 You can make cakes also if you know about basic things. Visit all surrounding bakeries in your locality and keep an eye on most sailing cakes with this you try to find what you can add in your special variety which other bakery owners are not keeping into their shops, this will make you better than others.

Business promotion

All oldest chocolate company and biggest chocolate companies spend a huge amount on promotion. Circulate pamphlets or brochure of your chocolate business in entire town, so that people get aware about your new business.

Make publicity on social media platforms for instance WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn etc. Make big size banners of your business. For this all types of publicity make a separate budget.


Buy commercial chocolate manufacturing equipment such as cooling equipment, mixing and cooking. Purchase all above equipment as per your manufacturing volume which you decide.

Contact to The Health Department

Take an approval from the health department. Because you are making and selling food products for public consumption, that’s why local health department will check your food quality and will give them their approval. Get information for local requirements and schedule for inspection date.

Purchase your packaging supply material purchase chocolate packaging supply material from the market. Packing is a first attraction for buyers, so it must be attracting.

Free  Sampling

Make a team of demonstration batch for market survey. Make a packet of three-four varieties of your candy or chocolate products and visit your local area restaurants & beauty salons with free samples. After doing two three weeks of free sample activities take feedback of customers and work on your product accordingly.

Decide Your Story

Go online and read story of biggest chocolate company in the world. If you look at some successful brands in the market, all oldest chocolate companies had stories behind. So this is story time, go online and find your story, which make your business popular, decide one & apply.

Business Space

Decide a suitable space at your home where you could prepare your chocolate, candies and cakes. The place should be neat and clean absolutely and if you have a pet at your home, so you will have to be more careful. If you have a big family and you are not able to manage your work from home, go for a commercial kitchen on rent. Some restaurants owners give their kitchens for rent during their off hours or close days.

Business Funding

On an initial level start out very small level and then expand as your business grows, which increases your success possibility. This especially will allow you to start your business with a minimum beginning.

If you take a rough estimate so between forty five (45k) to seventy five (75) thousand rupees is the start-up amount.

Selling Plan

As you know that there is sky level competition in this business industry, so you will have to make a strategy that how you would get the word out about your products. If you look, there are so many ways to make it possible and all require different focus and approach.

Retail  Selling

The first common approach is to sell your chocolates and candies to the public places & trade fairs. Circulate your chocolate products in your friends and family member and request them to make verbal publicity of your product and take supply order if they give.

Wholesale Selling

This way can give you a big kick start. Make some sample of your chocolates and candies with wholesale price list and circulate to the big retail shop owners, such as: groceries restaurants owner and food stores.

If you have made a good material and have confidence on your products, so you would get some orders on your next visit. In excitement don’t forget, take such orders only which you could fulfill timely, otherwise you will lose your business image.

Final Lines

Business is a game of calculations; good calculation give good profit and back calculation give big loss. When you make final strategy of your business, calculate your all steps strongly, so that you could become an owner of a profitable business.

Thanks for giving your valuable time in reading my article, all the very best to you for your chocolate business.

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