How to Start Your own Candle Making Business in Easy Steps


How to Start a Candle Making Business In India

If you are an entrepreneur and eagerly looking for a new business venture, we presented a potential business idea:  candle candle-making business.

Today where in several directions different types of lights are available, the beauty of candlelight stands in the same old way like a hundred years back.

If you are passionate about how to make beautiful candles at home, this is a perfect article for you. This is a gentle request to all readers to read this article without breaking and pay full focus.

Useful Information Before Starting Candle Making Business

Is candle-making business profitable or not?

The business of candle-making can be highly profitable. Not only is there a low-cost barrier in the beginning, but the candle-making industry is expected to reach nearly $5 billion by 2026. There’s no shortage of buying clients candles they love.

Is candle making an expensive hobby?

Nothing quite compares to the feelings of pleasure and pride that come from looking at a beautiful, burning candle and the feeling of knowing that you created it with your own two hands with your best efforts. Candle making isn’t an expensive hobby, that’s why you can decorate your home with candles and make it beautiful, even give them as gifts.

Is Candle a good business?

Starting a candle company or business is profitable or not? The answer is Yes. Candle business easy to start as a home business and have profit margins of 100% or more. You will have lower business overheads with advertising costs too making your profit margin even higher.

If you study online about various candle supply companies such as Purenso Global, scentiments global, and Auradecor, you can get information or ideas from all the above wholesale candle supply companies.

A step-by-step guide to starting a candle-making business plan in India

Design beautiful candles.Write a business plan and budget.
Making your first candle.Buy the right equipment.
Name your business.Check legal requirements.
Find your niche.Organise insurance.

How much profit you can make from a candle-making business?

How much profit you can make from candle candle-making business? In India, new candle makers can expect to make a profit between $300 and $500 per month and work up to a full-time income. Homemade candle makers can expect to make a profit margin between 50% to 70% on their candles.

How much investment is required to start a candle-making business?

It’s no surprise that start-up investment for candle-making business is very low. Shoestring Profits estimates tell that you will need an initial amount of only $200-$300, while Entrepreneur suggests a starting budget of $1,000 is sufficient.

Because of their natural beauty homemade candles are being used around the entire globe. In different nations or countries, several usages of candles are seen.

Benefits of doing homemade candle business

Low investment – To start this business you don’t need to arrange huge principles. You can start this business between 30,000 to 35,000 from your home. 

1 Beeswax, soy, gel and paraffin4. Essential oils for fragrance
2 Wicks5. Packaging supplies
3. Containers, tins and jars6. Coloring

7. Shipping charges of raw materials for in and out. 

  • Easy to sell – you can sell your homemade candles at any craft fair at all local marketplaces if you are making beautiful candles to sell them online too. 
  • Scalable craft for learning – whether you are a crafting newbie or a die master the base recipe for candles is easy. 
  • Easy to customize– you can personalize your candles and make a difference from your direct competitors. 

Ongoing expenses for homemade candles

You will need various forms of wax, containers, colors, and fragrances regularly.

 If you purchase all these items in bulk cost wholesale then you can make a handsome profit margin. 

Target Market for your candle making business

According to the National Candle Association, consumers are buying candles for aromatherapy like relaxation, and stress reduction as well as for their home decor. 

A consistent interest can be seen in homemade candles on Google Trends. 

You can sell your homemade candles in local trade fairs, supply as a whole seller to local retail stores, make your own candle store where you can sell a variety of beautiful candles for home, and make an online app or website where people can order online for home delivery through this idea you can increase your market size.

How much you can charge your customers

You need to do a small market survey to know about the average running charges of candles, which you are going to make. This activity will help you to understand your market and how much you can charge to your clients excluding your profit margin. 

In the beginning to make regular customers you need to sell your item at a low price so that you can create your market. 

Give a name to your candle-making business

Business identity is very important to make a brand. For this, you can visit any website on Google and choose the name as per your expectations. 

Apply for necessary licenses and permits

As an entrepreneur, if you want to run a legal business, you must have all your permission. For this, you need to confirm all terms and conditions for doing business in your state or city.

Final lines

It is said that the market has a huge level of competition for doing new business. Let me clear one thing in every field or business there is always a possibility to do something good, condition is just one, are you ready to do something creatively with full passion? 

Thank you for reading my business article & all the very best to you for your candle-making business. 

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