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Hey, before we jump into the broader aspects related to the tissue paper-making business, let me take you on a tour of spots we see it being used.

Restaurants and hotels, hospitals, malls, salons, beauty parlors, parties, homes, and offices are the places we see the usage of tissue papers.

Starting a business on our own is always a fantastic idea. However, it is also important to start a business according to our knowledge, experience, comfortability, budget, different aspects, future demand, and the market value of the product.

Let me assist you here with all the related step-by-step processes and major aspects of a tissue paper-making business.

What is the tissue paper-making business

We use Tissue paper for cleaning hands or face, is hygienic, absorbent, and small in size. The demand for tissue paper has risen with the rising of fast-food habits.

It is highly consumable and being used in high volume on daily basis. Over everything, it also has environmental benefits because of its biodegradable and recyclable features.

The business to make this article is comparatively easier, economical, and profitable for both small as well as big scaled businesses.


In this article, we are going to learn the complete process of starting and getting a recognized position in the field of this profitable business.

Types of tissue paper

Let us now know the different formats we see the tissue papers around.

Hygienic tissue paperToilet paper
Facial tissuesTable napkins
Paper towelsAcoustic disrupter
Wrapping tissuesSpecialty tissues

Let’s know about some commonly used tissue papers.

  • Toilet Paper: It is the most purchased tissue paper product by consumers than any other tissue paper. The quality and price of such tissues are determined by the number of plies, coarseness and fiber quality, and durability. These are also available in different forms such as rippled, perfumed, colored, patterned, and medicated. Besides being used in the bathroom, we use it for nose care, wiping up spills, removing makeup, and so on.
  • Paper Towels: These are the second most lag selling tissue paper products. The strengths of paper towels are durability, fiber quality, and wet-end chemicals. The normal weight of such paper is between 20 and 24 g per meter square. It is generally of 2 to 4 plies.
  • Facial Tissues: These are short, thin absorbent, smooth, and disposable. We use Facial Tissues for cleaning faces and call them handkerchiefs or wipes. The packing of these tissues is quite different than other tissue paper as we pack them in boxes instead of plastic bags. It is also helpful to reduce the spread of an infection such as swine and bird flu.
  • Table Napkins: People use table napkin on dining tables and look different than other napkins. Its color, pattern, fold, and size make this different and graceful.
  • Wrapping Tissues: It is a translucent and thin kind of tissue that you use for wrapping fragile goods such as ceramic, glass, to wrap clothes, and gift items.

Training and other required skills

To start any business, we must have the required skills, training, and well-researched plan so that we not only can run the business flawlessly but also train our employees properly.

  • Firstly, you need to take necessary technical training from a recognized organization to get expertise in this business field.
  • Secondly, this is also important to have management quality so that you can handle a small or large team and the business pressure in hard times.
  • Thirdly, the staff. In a small-scale business, you can’t appoint separate staff for each department like accounts, marketing, supervising, training, and others. Once you learn and handle each stage of the business, you can dive into a large-scale business with all the departments and staff.

With time, you will be able to acquire and improve all the required skills including training and management to grow your tissue paper-making business.

What are the classifications of Tissue Paper

We can devide Tissue Paper into two categories:

  1. Consumer Tissue Paper: We use it for domestic purposes for instance at home.
  2. Commercial Tissue Paper: We call this as Industrial Tissue Paper and is used for napkins, facial tissue, paper towel, toilet paper, etc.

For starting your business, you can start with a consumer tissue paper-making business, and with time and according to the profitability, your business can lead to the commercial one.

Licenses and Registration

We recommend to complete your paperwork, register your company, and take a proper license for that. Let us list some important documents that are required for your tissue paper-making business.

Business registration with ROCTrademark registration or Trade License from local Municipal Authority.
VAT (Value Added Tax) registrationNOC from Pollution Control Board
GST registrationUdyog Aadhaar MSME Registration
Factory License

6 Major Steps Required For Tissue Paper Making Business

1. Decide the scale of the business: The very first step is to decide the scale of your business whether you begin with a small or a large-scale tissue paper-making business.

The product for both the scales remains the same but the quantity of product, employees in your agency, and investment of a large-scale business will be higher.

2. Set your investment amount and total area: This is a major factor for your business. You can start with a small-scale business with an initial investment of Rs. 2 to 4 Lacs. It will cost around Rs. 5 to 7 Lacs for a large-scale business.

It includes an area for the factory, required machines, cost for the raw materials, and miscellaneous expenses such as electricity, water supply, salary for your staff, packing the products, etc.

If we think about the total area required for a small-scale business, you need approximately 300 to 500 square feet and for a large-scale business, you need 1000 to 1200 square feet area in total.

3. Raw materials and places to buy them: For this, a good part of this business is that you don’t need much material to make tissue paper. A Jumbo paper roll is required that costs between Rs. 50 and 75 depending upon the GSM of the paper. There will be two types of paper hard paper (which costs Rs. 60-65 per kg) and soft paper (Which costs Rs. 70 to 75 per kg).

The jumbo paper roll is available online as well as in the local paper market. Some online platforms are,,, and so on.

4. Tissue Paper Making Machine

Another good news for you is that you don’t require many machines for this business. A single machine is enough to perform almost all the functions.

The description is here:

Name: Automatic Electric Computerized Tissue Paper Making MachineVoltage: 440 Volt
Capacity: 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 sheets per 8 hoursDriven Type: Electric

This is a fully automatic manual interface machine, which is efficient for 30 by 30 sized tissue paper. We can bring this online or from the local paper market easily.

Paper details:

Size: 30 X 30 CMPacking Size (Per packet): 100 Pieces
Colour: WhitePrice: Around 10 Rs.

Other Important Steps

5. Tissue Paper Making Process

The process of making sanitary and hygienic tissue paper is as simple as you run a washing machine. Here are the steps that can be followed on this machine:

The very first step is to insert a corner of the paper roll on one side and you see 100 tissue papers will come out from the machine.

Secondly, the paper cutting dies, which you fit to the machine, pressure and cut the paper in the size of a die.

Thirdly, you pack tissue paper in a plastic bag.

After that, you can paste the company name and logo on that.

Finally, the fine tissue paper is ready for sale on the market. The plastic bags are then put in the big cardboard box for easy transportation.

6. Marketing for the Venture

For this, you need an experienced marketing person or a trained team to market the final product. The team should have the marketing skills so that they can book the orders from restaurants, hotels, general stores, departmental stores, salons, beauty parlors, and offices. The team will also help to deliver the products and collect payments from the clients.


Social media marketing is also being used to promote your products online and become a grand too. There are multiple social media platforms where you can make an excellent profile and the platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and eCommerce sites.

One more suggestion I would like to share here, you should not go to start the business in rural areas and villages because of the lack of awareness, people there hardly use tissue paper. Urban areas like towns and cities will be profitable here.

Is Tissue Paper-Making Business Profitable?

To understand this in a better way, let’s calculate the total investment and expenses. After that, we’ll move to profit-loss concepts.

We already have discussed above that we start a small-scale business with a total of 3 Lacs and a large-scale business with around 7 Lacs.

Now the earnings, the minimum sale for any tissue paper company recorded is between Rs. 20,000 and 30,000 per day. If you become a brand, I bet you can earn better.


Well, the tissue paper-making business is also one of the businesses that are easy to start but require proper market research. Going step by step, you can make your tissue paper business more profitable. This article is designed in a way so that we can cover almost parts that can help you to start any of the businesses small or large-scale on your own. Market research-take proper training-make a skilled team-collect funds-complete paperwork (License + Registration)-buy machines-marketing are the steps on the ladder that will take you to your dream.

We’re putting in the efforts so that we can make your dream true. For this, we need the precious feedback that will certainly motivate us to work better your you and for your future.

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