How to Start an Online Tuition Business at Home in India?


Online tutoring and courses are the new standards in education. In this article, you will learn how to become a tutor. The helpful tips discussed in this post will help you become a successful tutor and pursue a part-time or full-time profession.

If you are interested starting online tuition business, trust me, this blog is for you.


Online tuition business is growing rapidly in India. The emergence of platforms such as Unacademy, Time’s online service, and Career Launcher. It shows how profitable and profitable the online education segment is.

A tutor who has built a tutoring business and reputation can easily charge from 1,000 to 5,000 rupees per hour. In addition, complete courses are offered from Rs 5,000 to lakhs.


What is Online Tuition Business?

An online tuition business is a business that provides educational services to students over the internet. This can include one-on-one tutoring, group classes, and self-paced instruction. The business may specialize in a specific subject or grade level, or offer a wide range of subjects and services. The instruction is usually delivered through video conferencing and other online tools.

Online tuition business can be a convenient and flexible way for students to receive extra help and for tutors to reach a wider audience.

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Steps to Start an Online Tuition Business at Home in India

The steps that you can follow to start online tuition business at home in India are:

1. Expertise in a subject before you start online tuition business

To start an online tuition business, you need to choose a subject in which you have solid knowledge. A subject where you know concepts inside out instead of relying on rote memorization. The university degree is not required and varies by country.

Educational qualifications are highly valued in India. So, if you plan to teach physics to Indian students but do not have a degree in that subject, they will not enroll in your course.

Recruiting students becomes child’s play. It is not difficult to find subject matter experts who cannot teach concepts and theories to students in plain language. You may have all the theoretical knowledge in the world.

Next, identify the educational needs of the subject. For example, if you teach math, English, piano, or guitar, it’s useful to know how popular that subject is for online tutoring. Teaching a specialty is a key factor in earning lucrative fees. Regular classes on the subject are also required. Doing her one-off lesson with a student and finishing it there does not make up for a good tutoring course. Posting content regularly is essential to becoming a tutor.

2. Business plan tutoring for online tuition business

A business plan is required for every company. The same applies to tutoring. Having a tutoring business plan is important and overlooked by too many tutors. By the time you finally realize the importance of a business plan. Why Business Plan? Partly because it gives you a specific set of goals to work towards: What do you want to achieve in six months? in a year? Who are your target students and what do you expect from your tutors? The business plan will provide answers to these questions.

Some people want lessons for a variety of reasons. One parent may want their son to study mathematics to enter college, while another parent may want his son to study mathematics to succeed at the Olympics.

We need to think carefully about the market. Think about how much you can earn in a year or two. Write them down and set specific goals. The first year of starting a tutoring business can be difficult and exhausting, so a business plan also motivates me.

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3. Marketing and competition

See, how other tutoring companies and individual tutors are marketing. Do you see flyers in shops or nearby? What about business cards, online ads, Google AdWords, and Facebook ads? Identifying marketing techniques requires analyzing both online and offline media.

Then you can find other ways to market your own business. Promotion is the hardest part of the online tutoring business. If people don’t know you exist, you have no chance of building a bright future as a tutor. Advertising can be very effective if you know how to do it.

Imagine you are in a full class and your teacher is explaining an important concept. Everyone else seemed to understand what the teacher was saying and nodded their heads.

4. Insurance

When considering becoming a tutor, insurance is often overlooked, especially civil service insurance. In this business, enrolment in tutor insurance is compulsory. You have to protect yourself in unexpected situations. Some troublesome students can disrupt your education business.

And, what if a student is injured at home or what if a student trips over something and lands on a glass table? A rare event, but one that cannot be ignored. Tutor liability insurance is important for students to protect themselves in the event of an accident or harm at home.


5.Classroom environment

Another important thing, you need a clean and tidy workspace that is conducive to effective learning. There shouldn’t be too many distractions. It is important to dress appropriately and give the impression that you are a reputable tutor.

If you live in a shared apartment, please tell other roommates and roommates not to disturb you during class. Establishing a disciplined classroom environment is critical to a successful tutoring business.

“YouTube Learning Destination” to enable students to study at home

Due to the lockdown due to COVID-19, students and teachers must stay at home. During this lockdown, all schools, colleges, and institutes must remain closed. Education has been disrupted due to the closure of schools and colleges.

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6. Launch a tutoring website with Pinlearn

If you want to brand your tutoring business, it’s important to create a tutoring website that represents the face of your business. Building a website from scratch is a time-consuming and expensive task. Another way to create a website for your tutoring business is with an online tutoring solution that has all the top-notch features.

One of the best software recommendations is Pinlearn, a turnkey script to launch a state-of-the-art online tutoring marketplace for tutors and their ed-Tech companies. A fully customizable solution, Pinlearn can be used to provide common core functionality across platforms such as Udemy and courses.

Versatile tutoring market software for a variety of areas including fitness training, language learning, online counseling, and sports coaching.

Here are some of Pinlearn’s great features:

  • Support for live one-on-one lessons via video conferencing, live webinars, and group lessons.
  • An interactive whiteboard for a real classroom-like learning experience.
  • Dedicated webinar administration controls for 3 types of users (tutors, students, and administrators).
  • Live Session Recordings of Online Courses.
  • Multi-channel communication systems.
  • One-off fees without recurring payments.
  • Professional course sales functionality integrated with monetization tools.
  • Multi-language and multi-currency functionality.

7. Payment

First, we offer a trial session or a free first lesson. However, in this trial lesson, we will clarify how payments work. Otherwise, if you try to be too friendly and relaxed about payments, people won’t hesitate to take advantage of you, causing trouble and cancellations. You can offer discounts to encourage people to sign up for your classes. Defining accepted payment methods and payment policies is critical to building a solid tutoring business.

8. Cancellation policy

A detailed cancellation policy is required to avoid problems and unpleasant situations. Inform your students of this policy before you begin teaching. It also protects your income. Suppose that if someone cancels a class 24 hours before hers and pays for a series of classes, the policy includes a clause that says, “You don’t have to pay for next week’s class.”

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Important Factors to Start an Online Tuition Business at Home in India

The secondary but inevitable factors are as follows:

1. Tools you need to start your online teaching

Other important tool you need to start your online teaching business is online meeting software.

Don’t worry. There is everything from free to paid software to choose from today.

For example, the best online meeting tools are as follows:

  • Zoho
  • Google Meet
  • Skype
  • Zoom

However, considering its popularity and features, Zoom is recommended for online classes.

This is because Zoom’s video and audio quality are superior to any other online conferencing tool on the market. They offer a 40-minute free session, after which you have to sign up again. If you don’t want to sign up again, you can purchase the premium version for around 3,500 rupees per month.

Many tutors in India offer online tutoring using Zoom’s free service. So you can imagine why. But don’t take our word for it. Explore and find the meeting tool that’s right for you.

Start Your Online Tuition at Home

How to choose online conference software for online classes?

  • Make sure you can accommodate enough participants (students).
  • It’s necessary to make sure the deadline is what you expected.
  • 3 If you buy the paid version of the product, compare the monthly and yearly charges.
  • Ensure there are no geographic restrictions on student participation.
  • Check the video/audio quality with the free demo.
  • If you want note-taking/whiteboard functionality, try it.
  • Allow students to join from both mobile phones and laptops.

2. Creating lesson packs

Once you have the tools you need, you need to decide which lesson packs to sell.

This will depend on your availability, student preferences, and other factors.

Create a timetable if you plan to take private lessons in the subject.

If you plan to tutor more than one subject, please plan your timetable accordingly.

For example, Math (9-10 am), and Biology (4-5 pm).

Ideally, students should be able to choose their preferred study package. We need a website here.

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3. Create a website or start with Dukaan

At this point, the website becomes a necessary evil.

Why evil? Because websites cost a lot. What about hosting, web design services, plugins, maintenance fees, etc.?

This is a bottleneck for many. Especially those who are overwhelmed with technology.

That is why I recommend opening your shop in Dukaan.

Many people have the misconception that Dukaan is only for physical products. It is not.

Most of our customers use it to sell physical products, but it is also suitable for digital products.

Instead of having to create an expensive website and deal with all the pain that comes with it, Dukaan offers an online coaching course that he can probably complete in less than a minute.

Here are 4 easy steps to start with DUKAAN:

1: Register with Dukaan

Just enter your mobile number and confirm your OTP and you are ready to go accomplished.

2: Choose a store name and category.

3: Upload Products

4: Promote your Dukaan shop.

4. Student payment methods

Online tuition packages and fees are now available for anyone to purchase.

Enter your bank details within Dukaan. Then, Enter your bank’s UPI ID or account number, IFSC code, and bank details.

You can start accepting payments now. That is correct!

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Online payment options at Dukaan

Multiple students can purchase your lessons. You can share your store link via WhatsApp with anyone who wants to join your lesson.

5. Start promoting/sharing your lessons

Once your lesson packs and bank account details are ready, start sharing your shop link with everyone on social media.

Dukaan offers ready-made marketing templates and designs such as WhatsApp stories, QR codes, and business cards.

If you prefer, You can create a custom domain using Dukaan for your tuition class.

6. Cost to start your online education course

It costs from zero to 45,000 rupees to start your online tutoring.

Here is an example with a particular expense:

  • Online Dukaan Registration: None
  • E-Meeting Software – Free (Google Meet – 1 hour)
  • Website – Rs. 10,000 (minimum)
  • Hosting – Rs. 25,000 (minimum)
  • Web Designer – Rs. 5,000 (minimum)
  • Online Meeting Software with Dukaan – Free
  • Website & Hosting – Free
  • Custom Domains – Free
  • Online Payment Integration – Free
  • Custom Apps & Other Premium Features – Free
  • Dukan Premium/Year – Rs. 4,999

Total – Rs. 45,000

Wow! Isn’t that worth it?

How do students receive their tuition fees?

After all, you need to teach your students well. But how do you do that?

Thanks to the internet and social media, there are many ways to reach out to students and get them to enroll in the courses.


Promotion to Start Online Tuition Business Classes

The methods of promotion are:

1. Word of mouth

You can do it the good old-fashioned way and tell everybody you know that you are running tuition classes and ask them to spread the word. Then, you can do this in real life or DM people on social media platforms.

2. Organic social media marketing

Get on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and every other social media platform you can think of and put-up posts telling your friends and followers about your new tuition class venture. On Facebook, you can post on your wall or head to the Facebook Marketplace and do the same.

In case of Instagram, put up posts on your feed and stories, and DM people. These people could be friends, potential collaborators, or potential students.

You can do the same on LinkedIn.

3. Paid social media marketing

Social media paid ads are an excellent way to market your brand. You can advertise your posts to reach a wider audience while generating leads. Again, make sure your content is educational and valuable.

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Profit of Online Tuition Business at Home in India

The profit of an online tuition business at home in India can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the number of students, the subjects or grade levels taught, and the pricing structure. However, as an online tuition business has low overhead costs, most of the revenue generated from tuition fees goes towards the profit.

In general, the hourly rate for online tuition in India ranges from around INR 200 to INR 800 per hour. If a tutor is able to take on 5 students per hour at INR 400 each, the profit would be INR 2000 per hour. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you will need to factor in the cost of equipment, software, marketing expenses and other expenses before determining the exact profit.

It is also worth noting that the online tuition business has the potential to scale quickly and reach a large number of students, which can increase the profit margin. Additionally, online tuition business can also generate profit through other means such as selling study materials, hosting webinars, creating an online course etc.

It’s important to keep in mind that starting and running any business requires hard work, dedication and patience. It is also important to research your market and make sure you have a solid business plan before investing your time and money.

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Expected Earnings Through Online Tuition Business at Home in India

The earning potential for an online tuition business from home in India can vary depending on several factors such as the subject taught, level of expertise, and pricing strategy.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Subject Taught

The demand for online tuition can vary depending on the subject taught. Subjects like Math, Science, and English are always in high demand.

2. Level of Expertise

The level of expertise and experience of the tutor can impact earnings. Tutors with advanced degrees, teaching experience, and proven track records may be able to command higher fees.

3. Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategy used by the tutor can also impact earnings. Tutors may charge an hourly rate or a fixed fee per session, and rates can vary depending on the level of service offered.

Based on these factors, it is difficult to provide an exact figure for expected earnings for an online tuition business from home in India. However, according to industry estimates, a well-established online tuition business in India can generate revenue ranging from INR 20,000 to INR 1,00,000 or more per month, depending on the factors mentioned above.

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Outlines the basic considerations for starting online tutoring in India and the points you need to follow to build your tutoring business. Tutoring is a low-cost, high-income business that is growing in popularity in India. Choose a topic in your area of expertise and start your business. all the best!

The hourly rate for online tuition in India ranges from around INR 200 to INR 800 per hour. However, you can set your own prices based on your qualifications, experience, and the demand for your services in your area. It is important to conduct market research to determine a competitive pricing structure.

You will need a computer, a webcam, and a reliable internet connection to run an online tuition business. You may also need to invest in video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. Additionally, you may also need other tools such as a digital whiteboard, screen recording software, and other educational software.

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